It shouldn’t take anyone long enough to notice that flying is a common thing in pictures related to the anticipated  sensational afro-pop dance hall club banger released by the iconic, one of the most creative and self-defined fashion music legend Sama Ndango – the release of his new hit single Un-Genre Un-Genre is so addictive and hypnotising you’d fly – ecstatically or hysterically – this guy’s sagacity has no limits!


We do not need authorisation to put a tag on this new release of Un-Genre Un-Genre , the preluding video is pure genius – utter creativity and ingenuity from Sama Ndango aka Mr, Fix It  will leave you racking your brains for more – but with serious inclination to be left out of the logic because this man has a method to his madness!

This song has the potential to be a paean in most French-speaking countries, but also to anyone who listens to it for the first time, something about the alliteration of Un-Genre – translated as (a kind/type) will remain in the cortex of your brain for so long you’d be humming , singing, bobbing your head and potentially catching the epidemic of free-willing in the jungle in a white boxer and a chewing stick – life is good like that !

Sama you’ve left us all feeling |Un Genre Un Genre| now please can you just land this music already before we all go bunkers with the wait!!!




Hey guys, let me introduce you to the one and only Miss BSenjo whose voice like the title of her debut album is – change inevitable- the 23-year-old singer from Cameroon has something colloquial yet unbelievably captivating in her tone, you’d want to listen to her voice over and over again, she is a rare gem!!

Singing has been part of this songstress life for as long as she can recall , taking part in competitions and singing in choirs helped build her talent and vocal range to the exceeding potentials we are now witnessing with the Make A Change video release.


BSenjo delved into her passion for music as she recounts her time with her high school choir to exploit more of her talent and was automatically made the choir leader.  In 2010, Miss BSenjo  released her first album “Stand on your faith” which didn’t go anywhere due to lack of publicity and finance .Coupled with the fact that she was still a full-time student and her utmost focus at the time was education but the passion and determination for music motivated her to plan further – she so kept striving, even when people around her basically termed  her struggle “Rubbish songs by a nobody

Her luck changed in 2013, with news she had won the DV lottery to the US . The penny had dropped for Miss Belinda and that translated into a visit to the studio to pour out her love and gratitude unto a song she entitled  “Make a change”  encouraging the underprivileged and people who may have been experienced same roadblocks as her not to give up and always have hope.

On arriving the  U.S, Belinda started doing covers of artists like Beyoncé and Mariah Carey, because their style of music inspired her and led to a huge following on social media.  Then she took an artistic bold step to audition at the American Got Talent competition in 2014 to showcase her talent.  Though unsuccessful her drive to get the Make A Change album was fueled even further – to decry societal vices like child molestation and abuse a trait very common in Cameroon where children are raised by relatives and maltreated because they are not biological children.

In BSenjo’s own words ;


These kids are instead the ones who will be better-off tomorrow .So we need to make a change. I’m also doing this for my dad. I want him to be proud of me. He wasn’t a part of my life while I was growing up but he showed up at a very crucial point when I needed him the most .love you dad. In all, music is life to me.




Mahdi APOPHIS A.K.A Bioumla Eric Faustin believes that in Cameroon socially speaking, minorities/downtrodden are disqualified as not important in many areas of life and left  for death – a state of his country he decried and ended up fleeing abroad to seek better and greener pastures.

He settled in Germany where he started his music Career, sang a couple of collabo-pieces and launched into a solo with a ver very dark overlay – from his album cover so many things will make your eerily petrified – but that’s his signature  – the dark god of music APOPHIS is on a rise – watch this space.

He clearly explains the logic behind the dark aura of his music – there is nothing christlike left in the world – we are living the devils passion and that’s what he is singing about see his statement below;

Vu l’état du monde actuel les guerres les injustices sociales et les journalistes pyromanes les politiciens mythomane les prêtres et imam vendu…Avec le recul et beaucoup d’observation J’ai constate que tout ceci n’avait rien avoir avec la passion du Christ Ni l’amour du prochain
Tout autour de moi
– méchanceté
– jalousie envers sont prochain
– calomnie
– médisance
– racisme
– Pauvreté
– Invention des virus Tel que le sida
– La bombe atomique..
Que voulez que je chante la passion Christ????: Non
Nous vivons la passion du diable


la rencontre de Nefertiti une artiste talentueuse avec qui il decide de faire un projet artistique dont le resultat est la sortie du single wayo wayo, et yayato.

Entre vents et marees il reste accroché et decide faire un album solo que vous aurez Le privilege d´avoir dans les bacs un album riche qui nous ressemble, et qui va egalement nous rassembler. rempli de controverse comme il le dit toujours un jour viendra ou les minorites seront majoritairement visible.






There is a dictionary definition for every word – or most words on the planet, but when two talented selfless Cameroonian pop artists put their hearts into recreating, recrafting and rebranding basic terminologies like SEXY & STYLISH suddenly life has new meaning!!

Let me  introduce you to a brand new universe of sexy stylish demonstration of ambiance, fashion mixed with enchanting enticing alluring music, to quench the fantasy of all classes of people.

Sama Ndango expresses a different side of his music prowess and dexterity in this song. Something about the unpredictability and difference in the video makes you want to watch it over and over again!!

The uniqueness in his fashion style and ownership of his quirky persona really shines through in this song _ Mr fixIt just fixed us another scintillating club jam and we sure will jam to it endlessly in the most-sexy and stylish way.


Here is the official video of the sexy stylish afro dancehall popish club banga, sensually crafted by Cameroons most Stylish Musician – Sama Ndango featuring Fon Tete (the lavish music producer) and directed by Dr Nkeng Stephen.

As we all digest the appeal of this song, we are tied even more to the reality that the song and video is an ODE to the late Papa Wemba. Is there any singular reason this song shouldn’t be our number one hit song of the year!

Just relax watch and enjoy, in the most sexy-stylish way ever possible! These guys will take Cameroon places – Watch this space.


If we were all standing in a room tiers of seats and a plethora of colorful lights, plus some sort of asymmetry in arrangements and aesthetics I would have called you all up on your feet for a standing ovation for the three characters involved here_ let’s just say pure talent almost combustible!!

La Reine Nefertiti a.K.a Anoma Abuuh Rose Meg hails from the north-west province with a genuine love and passion for music from a very tender age, her creativity took and early sprout and pretty much only got better with time, stack that up against a beautiful, humble stunning actress in the person of Phildella Yve as the lead character and one of Cameroons finest photographer Penjo Baba, you need to hold onto your seats for what the production and delivery of their collaboration will bring to you in the video production 0f WHY DO I CRY!!

Anoma Abuuh Rose Meg in her university days was part of many girl groups notably EMOTIONLESS GIRLS and LIL SHORTIES where she adopted the name ROSYCHICKS performing songs from artists such as Missy Elliot ..Eve…and many others of which I’ll ecstatically & nostalgically reminisce that I spent those coveted years with her on stage at University of Buea doing what we do best – DANCE DANCE DANCE !.

In 2006 Abuuh decided to pursue her music career, she moved to Nigeria and began work on her first album TEARS and LAUGHTER…which was a depiction of her personal life experiences …there she worked with famous producers such as SOSO BEAT…JESSY BROWN ..CHARLIE CHAPLAIN and TOY TUNES…She made a move to Germany in 2008 where she revamped some songs on the album by working with producers such as SETH DARKOH…MP…JOSEPH ODOGWU…RANSOMART…

The album which was a mix of afro beat..Malissa..high life..soul and RnB finally released in 2010 in Berlin Germany with subsequent subtle  promo in Cameroon…

In 2013 blessings of little paters & parental obligations meant Music was put on a hiatus but that quickly turned to a blessing in disguise with a chance encounter with Apophis, a Cameroonian rapper with whom she ended up collaborating with followed by the birth of AFRIKAN LOGIK,  a humanitarian and revolutionary group singing about the plight of the African society and humanity as a whole.

Wonder where the name LA REINE NEFERTITI came from? well because her views changed about society as she adopted Egyptology as her inspiration…she became a gospel/ humanitarian singer and released her first single WHY DO I CRY as a way of rejoicing after all the hurdles she went through…these thoughts can be felt in the song, which as we speak is in production in Cameroon …

Let’s just anticipate !! We barely can keep our weather eyes off the clouds as we wait to bask in the glory of this tune.

A fantastic inspiration you are LA REINE NEFERTITI


Problem really _ Dey Big G Baba slew this song and lyrics like nothing you have ever seen!!! It’s very inspiring to see the amount of growth and variety in the Cameroon music industry –  I ceaselessly applaud the creativity of these guys – and it’s just the beginning it’s mind buggling.


Truth is if I see tin weh I like am I use sense I take am na tiff weh I tiff – No






The Talented Miss JJ Nshom will make you want to return home if you are away from Cameroon or make you appreciate the talent and cultural spike in the music industry at the moment.

The turf is greener, the artist are thirsty for success the quality has hit top-notch but one thing is certain –  you won’t miss any of that, not when you have the brains and personality in the name of JJ Nshom bringing the scoops close to home…

Enjoy the second episode of her vlog below💃📀📻📺📻📺📀🎧📼🎤🎤🎤🎤🎶🎶🎼🎼🎻🎻🎹🎻

🎉Watch Miss JJ do her thing🎉






Stanis & Smarty are a young Cameroonian Duo made up of Slim C Stanis (Rapper) and Smarty Le’Drae (Singer) who decided to venture into a musical journey together. As we all Anticipate their First official Single “GANAKOH”, here is a track they did some months back. The song, entitled #GudLife (Water Don Pass Garri), is a song of Hope and it is a little teaser of what to expect from them both in the Future.
Listen to the song below, Download, and don’t forget to Drop your comments.
You could check out their Facebook page: Stanis & Smarty
Or follow them on twitter @smarty237 and @SlimStanis

”It you feel me put your hands up in the air
but if you hate me oooppppss i don’t really care!” 😆  😆