Adam was the first man in the bible who for his flawless attraction to Eve got roped into the tantalising fangs of the snake who eventually devoured him and his missus.The snake didn’t just make them defile God their creator but also for the first time ever GOD’s patience with his children was greatly tested causing him to pour out his wrath on the pair who as a consequence lost their luxurious life in the garden of Eden… A place where so many fantasize about… Who wouldn’t want to be able to walk naked and no one pays heed? It will be amazing to go back to such innocence and purity but let the past remain in the past _ the damage cannot be undone.The world evolved even after Adam and Eve fell from grace to grass. As they did the naked walk of shame out of Eden reality dawn on them that things were never going to be the same again, EVER! How unfair was that to Adam who was Ultimately blindsided by the woman he loved and trusted.Humorously when God called them to enquire on their whereabouts, Adam answered that they were hiding because they were naked… Mind you- humans didn’t know the difference until the snake stroke Adam’s companion Eve then knowledge came to being… Knowledge of right and wrong and knowledge of nakedness, it was Adam who responded… Who noticed that something wasn’t right… Because he could see Eve was naked and so was he… Ahhhh Adam!Then time flew by so fast… millennia went by and men all over gained knowledge and learned the danger of harbouring so much trust and faith in the women.
Somewhere in a town in Cameroon, a young graduate nurtured her hidden belly for so long, an unplanned son she had ended up wanting so badly, who will be her number one man. From the moment she laid eyes on him she knew he was going to be stunning… A fine fine gentleman – the sonographer had said the same thing to her when she did her 32 weeks scan.He probed her belly and saw the baby was turning all over In excitement and went on… “This one, this one will be a busy boy” When he was born, she looked upon his beautiful face, upon his birth and all she could whisper was my first man, my baby … And that is how Adam’s first child was born without him in the picture because he had chosen to reject and deny the pregnancy and the girl he had pretended to cherished for so so long. Adam was the name on many women’s lips in town, Adam was wanted for what no one truly knew – but every woman wanted Adam and he had an exhaustive lists of toys to play with – so a child was not on his agenda. Not now not soon.Adam’s son was born one fine sunny day when the fish hawkers cried throway around the mile one hospital, when the Limbe sun was was ahead of its own timer it could cooked an egg on an exposed surface, on a day when taxi drivers were striking because petrol fares had hiked up by almost 22% and yet residents still paid taxi drivers same fare in the last five years… No one knew where to vent their frustrating…Even the young girl who just had a baby.
For one graduate the story was different – he knew for sure that his frustration was over… He has a degree and a partial broken heart for rejecting a baby he knew fully well was his son… He had fled the news of her pregnancy around same time he learned he had a three-week-old British visa in his back pockets waiting for the moment his mother would announce she had managed to put some funds together for his flight tickets .There was hope… Hope that tomorrow was a whole lot better than today. So he headed to the airport with his family and said a massive excited goodbye to everyone, boarded the plane and found his seat adjacent to the windows… His mums last words played on his mind ” Adam it’s all about your studies- your playboy lifestyle may have worked in Cameroon but today… Mark this day if you don’t make a change then all our efforts have gone in vain” they hugged so tight as he said “bye mum, I’ve got this I promise. I wont let you down” the words rolled over in his mind as a young lady walked up to him and asked “may I?” indicating to the empty seat by him.“Sure” Adam responded as the lady filled the space next to him seat Q33, while he look out the window and watched as the brown dust coating the roof tops of the airport building made it look shallow, rickety, old and dingy from above as the flight took off… His birth country disappeared underneath him into a small forest of lifeless greenery, so did his life in Cameroon- suddenly it meant very little as he looked forward to his new life.He smiled at the lady seated right next to him reading “Purfect Escape’s Absent Companion” she was beautiful even more so when she smiled back at him.
Anna sat up on her hospital bed picked up her baby stared into his eyes and a single sharp shred of hate tugged her heart… Hate at the fact that he looked absolutely like his dad, who for whatever reason suddenly didn’t want anything to do with the baby, but fortunately his eyes were hers, warm big inviting caring And kind… So she cuddled her baby, brought him into her space on her bed and kissed his warm rosy cheeks placed her nose on his forehead where she placed a kiss and stayed he lips there until she drifted into a sound sleep as his muffled cooing played like lullabies to her resting heart and body that her decision to keep him was an absolute winner
t was his first time travelling but his kind of entourage who spent endless hours with ‘Bush fallers’ and all made him very aware and his expectations were more unless an absolute déjà vu but not vécu…. He knew what to expect from the transit tales so he tried to stay on top of it all, not to miss his flight – in the end he really didn’t need much effort because Nellie was at hand to work out the very complex bits around paper works and immediate help…Oh Nelly?… The girl who sat next to him on the plane was exactly where the next chapter of his life’s waterfall careered into… They had gelled a few hours into their journey , from talking about the trip to the things they will Miss most about home… Her More so because she has spent the past 4 years abroad and this was her first visit back home… So she absolutely hated the fact that she was going back to the hustle & bustle in England…It turned out she was heading to London and he was headed up to Norfolk where his University was based. They had to say goodbye atlas when he boarded the coach from Heathrow airport after Landing in London. They’d exchanged Facebook coordinates and for the oddest reason ever she gave him a big hug and wished him good luck with his new adventure and boarded the taxi she had booked, smiling and saying “I go get in touch with you soonest but inbox me your number on Facebook when you have one” and her taxi zoomed off leaving Adam wandering if Nellie knew he actually immediately wanted more than friendship with her…His body had reacted completely odd from ”that” hug and of course the time they had spent together bonding on the plane and on transit … He was 33 and never ever wanted to pursue a masters degree, but that was his only ticket to a two-year visa so he took it. Here he was his life in his hands as he boarded the coach and wondered if he even knew how to locate his university campus or his halls of residence…but he was ADAM! that would do for now – as he sat down and enjoyed the long drive – he opened his laptop connected to Facebook to Update his status and location to ”England” when the message icon came up and when he opened it was Nellie with a simple smiley saying“Questions don’t kill ask your way about so you don’t get lost but also make sure to read the signs my fellow paysman – Lol”  he smiled and replied “Yes Ma’am” with a thumbs up …he sure couldn’t wait to see her again soon!
Their first weekend together was mind boggling. Adam had left his University for the 1st semester break and knew absolutely nowhere to go to, so he being in touch with Nellie all this while he rang her asking if it was OK to come over for the week since he wasn’t doing anything at the moment. He hadn’t found a job yet which was the most difficult part of student life, of course her response was a screeching ”WTF-Yes sure”… He bought a ticket and headed to London.On seeing Nellie at the station his heart stopped……He immediately picked up his bag moved over to the waiting room and gave her the most drawn out lingering and beautifully mind-blowing kiss anyone could give anyone in the world as a first kiss and she slowly responded thawing in his hand like ice cream on a hot day…That night was flammable, they could barely keep their hands off each other and Nellie somehow manage to remind him every time about safety because all he wanted was to take her back to bed after every moment they spent apart that weekend when she had to work.She had fallen in love with him… she made love to him again and again, but Adam just had sex with a woman he fancied deeply… Love was not on his mind… Little did Nellie even sense that… Oh so little.e736d8d6b4bdc7c25425df0fe078d1da

Series 2 coming soon…

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  1. DorothyDiamond 7th February 2016 at 8:58 pm

    amazing – can’t wait for part 2

    1. Millicent Taniform 29th August 2017 at 12:34 am

      Wow. Your style of writing and words. How intriguing. I just got my eyes and don’t want it to end. Curious to know what happen next.

  2. AB 6th April 2016 at 9:15 am

    Just when I was settling in… then it’s cut short…. chai! I’ve missed your stories ya. Can’t wait for the continuation of this one.

    1. DorothyDiamond 8th April 2016 at 12:57 am

      will find time babes – soonest Ta!

  3. Fualefeh 4th August 2016 at 1:27 pm



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