1. Take a guess Irene – who has a MAJOR crush on you? (Apart from ME)

Well I know you do ha ha ha 😛 😛 😛 -you do and all my fans and family.

2. Tell us a little about Irene Major…

I guess I shall say my keywords (lady, Chatelaine, fashion Avant- Garde, fun, fearless, go-getter, leader, proud wife, mum of five, role model and philanthropist… Last time I check I was still human I love my roots Africa -CAMEROON, very proud of where I come from and I’m the child of the World and I DO NOT BELONG IN A BOX.

3. If I came to your house what will I find in your refrigerator (…after three babies I want to sue you for being this perfect seriously -you are major)

Ha ha ha thanks my love you are too cute but Sorry I have to break it to you but it’s actually five children in my refrigerator you will find loads of kids food and some adults stuffs too . I’m very aware of my diet and my main Moto on food is “eat to live “not “live to eat ” also I must confess; I love my wardrobes too much. And for me my goal after each child is to be able to get back into my favourite clothes.

4. Why isn’t number 11 pronounced as onety one like 21 is twenty-one
…Every parent must have had terrible numbers thrown at them by growing toddlers …what’s the funniest you can remember being a mum (Adorable chit chat about you kids)

The list is soo long and each child is different. I find myself communicating with my three months old baby already trust me she does talk. Just maternal instinct I think. My children fulfilled me; they come with the most amazing innocent thoughts and phrases one could ever think off. It brings me great joy and happiness. I always think that children own the Earth.

5. Your lifestyle, clothing and pictures depict a level of affluence we can only dream of…can you give us a reason to aspire _ (Apart from sleeping on your Facebook page?)

Ha ha ha you guys 😛 ; I work extremely hard to give back
also through philanthropy; I have my very own charity ; “IMLIFE ” which focuses on disadvantaged and needy children and woman in Africa; I also strive to show young girls that like me they can reach great heights no matter their starting point .

6. If you’d like to see a change in the fashion and entertainment industry in Cameroon what would it be?

What I will like to see, is Cameroon getting much more recognition worldwide. We have very talented artists and designers and I believe the world should know about them.

7. You are not married to a Cameroonian, that’s no secret because we know our major in-law – so how did you find blending into another culture…(optional)

Blending is a good word because it’s a two way street. My husband and I have learned to adapt and to accept each other’s cultures. Sometimes I say he is even more Cameroonian than I am

8. Give full meaning to the letters in your name Irene …I will start with I – Irresistibly-insanely inspiring (Over to you)

R=regal but real (the whys my meeting the Queen a couple of months ago and                               the fact that I hold the title “Lady Hailes” E=edgy and experimental
N=no nonsense ,Nubian

Let’s drool over her pictures in the gallery below – grab a cuppa and go on a PURRFECT ESCAPE with Mrs MAJOR _ this is the life of a Diva, mum, mega inspirational woman of taste. CLICK ON THE PICTURE FOR MORE!


Irene Major you are an absolute and a befitting DIVA . We appreciate the courage and inspiration of women like you who still find time to share a word or two with the world to bring light and inspire people.

The fact that you have five kids and look this stunning means you are a true no nonsense woman and should we be candid – we are jealous in a major major way (Learned something from you about true discipline)Lady Hailes, you rock !!! you are stunning and we bless God for a person like you. As you work hard to bless others so shall your life overflow with blessings.

Thank you for gracing our DIVA VILLE INSPIRATION category and hope a life or two will be inspired today and in many more years to come – I wanted out chat to go on forever but every good thing must come to an end _ but this chat will last forever!!




  1. Milly Mira 24th August 2015 at 2:27 pm

    Major wardrobe crush here. Lady Irene you got your own style but if someday you need a second opinion hit me up @www.millystyles.blogspot.com

    1. DorothyDiamond 24th August 2015 at 9:55 pm

      Hell yess Milly – any day any time my diva’s for life — that white dress though

      1. Milly Mira 28th August 2015 at 12:08 am

        If you are seriously looking for a white dress, tell me your budget and I’ll find you some good options.

        1. DorothyDiamond 28th August 2015 at 12:22 am

          Milly it’s already around the corner Saturdays so i won’t trouble you but i now know where to go for certain requests – fashion wise


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