Dear Diary 1

When Words Bludgeon 

This weekend getaway was something Melissa, Catherine and Dinah had planned for ages. The workload was taking its toll and there was a major issue across all three friends on work-life balance or imbalance that needed to be addressed, every single one of them was suffering the effects of a very successful career and no time for the good things in life they all aspired towards.

The three friends seem to be paying a hash price for the good life and six/seven digit salaries in the heart of the London city. Catherine and Dinah were all in the banking sector and in their own way they felt like the women Wolfs of wall street, while Melissa, the wheeler-dealer of international development had somehow with her political science degree and MSc in development had ended in International Development, meaning her trips around the third world were a lot frequent than she had anticipated – but in all it looked like she loved her job more than her two besties.

In the heart of all the whir and fuzz, the only thing that kept them on track was their sisterhood – their friendship was all they had had for decades and they sure knew how to feed the very essence of it as much as they could. They had an insatiable quest for value in what they held most dear and that was each other or so they presumed. Trying their best to nourish and cherish the bond of sisterhood and friendship which they all shared.

Meeting at Heathrow was a well thought-out plan for their vacation – Heathrow was the closest to one person’s geographic location but a fair share of travel for all. The person who lived closest had to make sure coffee and croissants were waiting at the airport and all the necessary information was available before all the others got there to check-in, so there was no complaining from Dinah who bore the brunt of living twenty minutes from the airport, she required less travel, but had to hold the fort for Mellissa and Catherine.

When all three finally gathered at the landmark location with giddy excitement and embrace it was already time to check-in to their flight which they bungled their ecstatic selves  on-time after giggles and hugs and insults and banter about anything and everything but more importantly who had put on the most weight, their number one best conversation of all times, they all agreed that Mellissa looked a little on the ‘fat’ side and her boobs were huge making her cleavage unbearably obviously distracting in her low-cut blouse.

The flight took off with three ladies holding hands and whispering their usual mantra for take-off panic – ‘be gone with it be gone all fears’ – the sun rose with the terrain underneath the skies from above – Ibiza was their destination of choice and well so.

It was deplaning in no time so the flight landed and the crew and passengers gathered their belongings to get off the plane, Mellissa took her time and a few more minutes to gather herself for the next phase of the holiday – everything seemed to be a struggle lately but soon, soon it will all end, she had seen her friends and her sisters – she was going to make right what nature had vilified of their friendship. The cloud of her plan made her downcast but she dared not show it.

Ibiza was so beautiful, their chalet at the Catalonia was huge breezy and completely decked like a honeymoon suit. It was simply stunning, just like they’d anticipated – their first stop was the beach. The three ladies laid by the beach basking in the beautiful warmth of the sun when Mellissa cued in the start of disburdening their life woes with the reflection

‘skinny bitches what y’all been up to lately’

Jarring her teeth to show disgust at how skinny and sexy they both looked compared to her – bearing in mind she was always the fittest with the sexiest body and booty.

They all cracked up clicking their Champagne  glasses  and making  sure that the sips were heard but their laughter was loudest. Something about slurping their champagnes on holidays meant that manners were thrown out the window and carefreeness had entered the building.

It had been a while since they did this, their last planned vacation was ruined by the sudden death of Dinah’s dad. That took a toll on all three girls because Daddy Justin was a father to them all and made sure they well supported regardless of being employed. His trips involved spending more days with them than they ever would have imagined, bouncing in and out of the streets of Oxford Circus and fluidly sliding his card into the cash machines like nothing else stood between him and that little device, his money seemed endless and it was no news, they all grew up under Dinah’s wealthy shadow, no one really knew their names, they were grouped, all together and called the Beynang friends.

With Dinah’s dad’s wealth and affluence, he still managed to be the best dad who ironically was a thorn to the flesh of his wife, Dinah’s mum, whose calls were loathed with moaning and continuous promulgation of his absence and passivity towards her to her daughters Dinah and Candice. Dinah always played along like the listening daughter but came back to the girls with very passive reactions to her mum’s complaints, summing up her mum’s tantrums as…

‘anyone who knows my mum will know that she is too needy, papa is a busy man and cannot have that amount of time that mum expects of him’

Dinah’s dad’s funeral was one of the hardest things that all three friends had had to deal with, it had been such a short and direct message from Dinah to all of them on their WhatsApp’s group

Dinah ‘dad is unwell he is in a coma’ Monday 2.15PM

Dinah ‘he is dead’. Wednesday 20.45PM

Seriously no one had expected it, he was one of the nicest men in the world with a wife the world of women would envy to high heavens … Oh! She had it all, beauty, class, money affluence and reeked of opulence clout with sass….

Plus, she was Dinah’s mum, how convenient that her daughter completely took after her, there was no option. Growing up with such a person is hard not to corrupt the soul of a child. So Dina was the exact replica of her mother and an envy of her friends. All three would spend holidays in each other’s houses but Dinah’s house was always very memorable.

They were so inseparable, over time they even found great cause to always be in each other’s hair like lice.

After the funeral, they all moved back in to keep Dinah’s mum company for over a month, making sure that they were all available and never left the poor widow alone.

Widow? yes  

Poor? completely and utterly No

Her wealth plus all he had left behind was suddenly hers … She tried to be a widow but you could see past the outer mourning regalia that this lady was an absolute stunner even at the age of 50+ she pulled her weight around younger women twice below her age range, something Mellissa seemed to be very envious of and made sure to tell Dinah every time she had a chance that she wanted to age like her Mama.

The three ladies bared everything lying there by the beach in words and emotions. Unveiling emotions and issues that only moments like these treasured by friends who were more than sisters could share. Trying to make the best of their holiday and time together they ran the course of the beach, danced, laughed and had the best handmade marguerites from the bartender who took a liking to them and served them like his paycheck for the year depended on some feedback from these three.

Mellissa, a little sluggish on her feet decided against alcoholic marguerites, the day unfolded in the company of each other a friendship bond that lasted a lifetime from all they could recall.

‘So how is mum coping on her own with dad not being around’ asked Melissa

She is holding up well, she hasn’t seen us all since the funeral and will love us to come spend Christmas with her if you all are up for it, coming to think of that Mel, how come your trips have suddenly reduced?  Is It less pressure at work or you and that Bae of yours are planning to settle or saving up for a wedding and we still haven’t met him that’s unfair!

Catherine chipped in cackling like she always did provocatively when That Bae of Mel is mentioned.

She was ever too adamant to talk because she had been the only one getting very angry about her friend dating a rich potential in-law without them meeting him. Mel on the other hand, was bent on not introducing her Bae until she was sure he was the one, which didn’t make sense because she was the kind who introduced even side niggas – well maybe this meant the world to her so Catherine had resorted to snorting angry guffaws when it came to the topic.

This time around Mel’s reaction was shocking –  tears, the tears just kept coming, she just won’t stop and crying wasn’t her forte so this shocked all her friends who rushed to her side and gave her a hug for the reaction, it was so unlike her.

Dinah quickly apologized for asking the wrong questions and pushing the wrong buttons she hushed Mel and cooed easy words to reassure her that all was well, but the tears came… They just came and kept coming.
Catherine lost her wit as usual and nailed the issue head-on …

Tell us are you two separated? what’s this? is he hurting you this isn’t you let us know how we can help we can’t sit down and watch a man treat you like this Mel this person isn’t you’. 

Mel tried to put herself together and started the convo she had trained her brain to tell her friends because she sensed this day would come way after the funeral the lifestyle was definitely going to change and the wealth would reduce so she knew her peers would pick up the change… So she ventured

We broke up, I found out he was married with kids and wasn’t ready to settle and I was pretty much an escort for him nothing more’.

That was enough of a one-liner to send her over the edge bawling her guts out as Dinah held her tight and Catherine just stood there staring in disgust – you could tell from her temperament she either wanted to kill the Bae or Mel – either ways her eyes gave away murder. Somehow Mel was ok with that because even she wanted to murder herself to because she couldn’t take the reaction of the world when the truth came out. It was like waiting for a death sentence, but in her case, she didn’t want to wait any longer – she felt like she knew where the life of she and the life growing inside her belonged.

Mel decided to retire early back to the hotel room while Catherine and Dinah hit the shops to get something nice to boost her morale and encouraged her to lay-in all afternoon and recover from the emotionally draining conversation/revelation

It’s was fair to say that the escape to chill in the hotel under the pretext of having a bad day was shoddy but she had to. Mel was growing and regardless of how inexperience her girlfriends were, they would sooner rather than later spot that her belly wasn’t as sleek and flat as she was before and more so her titties were on another echelon with their fullness and perkiness this was all signs that the baby was growing without a father – never to be together.



I am struggling to imagine her reaction; I am extremely sure this will be the death of our lifetime of friendship. All I want to focus on is this moment and now because it’s always really hard to get time to see or talk to each other but when we get these few days away it’s heavenly I feel extremely blessed.

18/09/2012 Dairy  

Paris is so much fun with my Justin, I cannot help but gush at how much he has changed my life, there is something ruthlessly controlling and exotic about our relationship, he has completely changed my perception about love, I struggled with us in the beginning but now I feel like there is more to life than just what people have to say, I am not trading this for anything in the world. It was a struggle when he made me stop working because he needed me all over the world with him but I am getting use to my new life and at peace with my decision – as for my friends I will cross that boundary when I get there.

07/09/2012 Dairy  

There is no moral or ethical justification that I could give for the world to believe that we are actually attracted to each other. This is wrong on all levels yet when I look at my friend all I see is guilt and shame that I am the epicentre of chaos, a dark storm settling gently over her family and there is no way out. He is a gentleman in every sense of the word…even his daughter gushes about his looks and only if only she knew how much that put the heat in my cheeks – I feel terrible but this is terribly good too and I am not letting go, as long as he has not given me a reason to.

He looks so good, if only she knew I was taking all that goodness deep down she will kill me.

 Let’s worry about dying tomorrow today is here let’s live. As I watch bae slip into his Geurline suit and look nothing like his age, I want to be all over him like a heat rash but I’ll get ready for dinner now and make that happen later. As I watch him talk boxes, containers and billions on the balcony of our hotel the last thing on my mind is my friend or her mother.


Breaking the news to Bae was something of an emotional myriad affair as Mel knew Justin really didn’t care anymore, he wanted to be with her as well as lock her from the world so she didn’t get into any other relationship. Two days into their trip to Vegas she could barely stand the smell of breakfast which was her best meal of the day, then his cologne and even worse the smell of him overall sent her cowering down the hall for the toilets to vomit or the closest sick bucket.

She bought the stick immediately she could see a pharmacy – ran to the loos after one of their random afternoons, her gut feeling was so right, she had to face the world, she was having a baby for this man… When she broke the news to him handing him the stick, he gave her the biggest sweetest smile and said

‘If he looks anything like me then you have to brace yourself for the war… But remember I am happy to let everyone know where we stand- I will protect your decision of anonymity and also help you raise the baby in that way if you are happy to’.  

He hugged her tighter as though to reassure her again about his unfaltering love for her and voiced

‘I just want to love you every day like there is no tomorrow – like the day you walked into the bedroom and nursed me like a baby – I stopped seeing a girl, I saw a woman and fell in love with her – and you have stood the test of time – you have been and exceptional addition to my life though you have been with my family all these years, I know I have put you in a difficult situation but with time the cards will reveal what the future holds’

 He kissed her belly – that morning Mellissa woke up to a shiny beautiful ruby cut ring on her finger and a dozen red and white roses with cards which read

 ‘red for loving me infallibly and white for my baby boy JR’



The one-week holiday turned into a bed rest and in no time was heading back to Europe with a baby in her belly and her lover to the west for further business trips, normally she would accompany him but they both agreed in her condition flying was not the best thing to do – so she returned to base.

All she could frame in her minds-eye was a small person who looked like Dinah boy or girl she would love it –  an abortion never crossed her mind, never ever… Not when Justin flashed that satisfactory smile of approval every time he touched her belly. He was such a big baby at heart and everything to him was a sort of challenge, with this instance being one of them and he had unequivocally won, he had made his mark on Mel and no man will ever have similar mark or impact. Literally!



Weeks after returning to London the devastating news hit her that Justin was found on the floor in his posh lavish offices of Douala face down and barely a pulse the first thing that had come to mind was an overdose. He did drugs and she’d seen him do something slightly on the edge on one of their Vegas trips. She went into complete meltdown, Dinah was crying on the other end of the phone so pained and distressed and all she could do was beg her friend to calm down and pray for her dad, as soon as she dropped the phone she fell to the floor in her apartment and cradled her belly that was the last thing she recalled – she woke up at A&E hospital unit with the blue robe and a bare back.

Was this her punishment, was this a way for her to get karma for her actions, raising a child who will never be recognized by the father or the family. A child who the only other ladies who could be her aunties turned out to be their biological big sister, a child whose grandmother was once known to her a mother. Her heart shattered and reality dawned – essentially nature was ready to drag her in the mud of life and she had no energy to fight back, she just wanted JUSTIN BACK – She had nothing of Justin left in this world but the baby growing inside of her – which in essence will also need a father so her mind was made up.

01/10/2012 – Dear Diary

If there is anything I can do to reverse the hands of time I would have. He came into my life as a parent but every occasion that brought us together ended in cross wires of unnecessary tension until that visit when he was ill and Dinah had exams… I spent all afternoons daddy-sitting him, nursing him to good health and making meals to perk him up with good banter then that odd night when I slept on the couch because Dinah wasn’t coming home. She was meeting Sam and they both hand plans…

 I went to offer Daddy J a cuppa, on getting into his room I found him half-dressed and the rest is history, I still can replay when he grabbed me and asked for how long I was gonna drag the thing between us… So he had picked up how giddy I was around him… the thing…that thing that even I couldn’t decipher was so evident in my composure – that I had a crush on this human.

 Something about his casual masculinity and the swag spurred something Insanely lustful in me and that’s basically how we snugged all the way to bed and he was healed and I became his mistress. The humour centred around my healing powers, how after a night in my arms he was well and out of bed the next day running all around the city with his chauffeur – while the story of my life changed…

 Even when Dinah walked through the door expressing her gratitude for my support the day after and how well her dad looked that morning, deep down I was kicking myself for the night before… But many more nights reoccurred and happened under Dinah’s nose… Justin and I just got on. Things happened so fast and now this baby to raise alone… I have too many apologies yet no regrets, he never gave me cause to regret our relationship – yet he left me all alone to deal with the pain of his absence and a silence I can never let the world into, but the disgrace is so crippling and yet it’s still to be found out


Coming Soon


Mrs Beynang, left the legal confines of Emerson’s office short of words… Something about the will was so out of order… Was this a mistake, why? why on earth would Dinah have 20% share , Candice 20% share of her dad’s business and Melissa who was just a friend to Dinah 25% and she, who was his wife left with 35% and all their landed property.


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