Yul shut him already – please

Seriously this man is still ranting about having an affair with YUL EDOCHIE – how ridiculous is he right now?  👿

A gay man wants a straight man – hunts him down with gifts and all the fine things in life negating that fact that he is married, expecting to take him from his wife. Yul doesn’t give in but we went ballistic when we found out he even accepted these gifts – fair game we all make mistakes right – how come the man is not shutting up??

Yul please shut him up already _ it annoying that a Nollywood heartthrob like you isn’t single but even worse when your female fans need to hear all this – beg this ur ‘whatever’ to shusssssss!!!@!



2 Responses to Yul shut him already – please

  1. Grace Ebangha says:

    hahhaha so he accepted the gifts ehh? the devil is a Liar!!!


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