Yours cynically…

Imagine a place and time when robots will replace everything especially men?The world literally will be a dead-end. An overall réalisation that only women can carry babies, have supple breasts and still be superheroes, makes THE A-FORCE an over due screen piece.

For guys addicted to men’s magazine this will be the ultimate twofer… A group of pointy breasted and small waisted women who can save the world in the click of a finger…to us sounds like the synonym of wife.  In essence they are comics with a mangled touch of power in feminine gender –  what a show off.

In whatever way you want to look at this…. Women hulks… Spider women and superwoman will be comics little girls may just start looking up to, and wearing inspiring costumes at mufti days and Halloween.

Is it just us or we feel the wind of feminism is blowing recognition even into the British Parliament!!!

Go Nicola et al… Tous pour un.


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