See who can tell their future ~ is BLAC

Black Chyna oh !! It’s rumoured that she is now dating Ciara’s Ex-Future and what best way to confirm it than have a tattoo on her wrist. Go girl! at least you know and can confirm your future is Future but …

The investigative skill in us won’t let us be _ didn’t Ciara sing a song asking future

“is that your bitch over there?”
“The one with the silicon ass”
“and the Brazilian hair?”

This will only mean she may have caught you shagging her man way before we all got the vibe…Ok, we are just trying to connect the dots no hard feelings babe.

Enjoy your future we bet when he stands behind you looking at that ass he can see how bright his future is as well. Plus you two are parents to the most adorable boys ~ happy sleepovers it will be eh?


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