Yes Scott – by body language you two are Ferking!

Mr Scott Disick leaves his Fiancee Kourtney Kardashian – Remember her right ? the one that pulled her own baby out of her coochie on live TV and all she said was awwww so cute ! the emotionless stoic biggest sister to all the Kardashian klan- Ok this is her ~ Fiancee forever they have three kids and now he is hanging out with his Ex – Chloe Bartoli and can’t keep his hands off her – yet speculations remain they may just be friends – seriously – or like snoop doggy would say -fo-shizzle?


We cannot take our eyes off this pictures and we know Kourt – she will just get angry and have another baby or get Scott to move out or shave her pubic hair on live TV – that’s how weird she is we cannot predict her reaction to this news because she has none.

scott scott3 scott4 scott6


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