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 Before, a woman’s identity was shaped by how she was connected to her family, first as a daughter, then as wife and mother. Now she often has a period of single independence. And being in such a period, as a 20-something single woman, I attest that it can feel both exhilarating and tempestuous, as thrillingly liberating as it is often lonely, surprising, blissful and straight-up mundane

Phils choice2

“Cindy I can’t deal with this anymore I have booked a flight to Cameroon to see what’s going on… “

Naddy sat at the COSTA with her best friend Cindy moaning about Phil, the thing she had recently done so consistently that Cindy lost all techniques of reasoning with her bestie. So she let her bear her mind just in case it will make her feel some sense of relief or closure in the fact that it may truly be the end of a fairy tale relationship between her and her Phil – there was no encouraging any conflation between reality and hopes – she wasn’t a party to lalalandish tales.

“It’s been over 7months since Phillips left me here in London I have no clue what’s running through his mind… He left unpaid bills our joint DirectDebits and other commitments – he calls me once a week and is so passive – so brief – like he saw me yesterday, he barely says I love you or even I miss you… I have had it…”

“ I have heard the reputation or Cameroon women when they get their claws into one’s man… I am thinking this is a clear case…. How can he be so nonchalant what on earth is he thinking… what could be making him so content in my absence that he barely says anything romantic – at all, I even try sexting him try to get him engage in something worth warming him up but the simplest nicest response I get is ‘oh babe don’t worry soon…’ – who says that to a woman who texts her man late at night saying ‘baby I miss you wish you were here right now I am so horny’ who says that really who ????? what on earth do the ellipsis in the text mean , is it so hard for him to elaborate his feeling or even respond appropriately – what can I do? oh Cindy, this is the first and only man I have ever loved – how can I get him back, what if it’s another woman – what if’s,,,,

“Calm Down Naddy… Going to Cameroon is a great idea but where will you start? Do you want to make a spectacle of yourself?  you do not know where he lives talk less where to find him… He may be having difficulty settling down and for all you know he may be on his way to see you soon. Speak to him first I suggest then if nothing else looks convincing I’ll let you go then.

Nadia was reeling from the pain of Phil’s negligence…

Nadia spent most part of the  years of her innocence dancing around the house in little fairy tale dresses playing bride… She adored and dream of weddings – her mum was the kind of parent who groomed her daughters for weddings, she took them to family weddings and wouldn’t stop belabouring the point when she returned home with her daughters in comments like

“oh did you see your cousin… She will make a good bride… Decent, beautiful and a good cook, I am so sure she is a Virgin and a very smart girl too, she will make a fine fine bride… See how proud she made us all” … Nadia knew she wanted to make her mother that proud when she became of wedding age… When it was time to move out of home and go to university abroad she promised her mother to make her proud, and come back not only with a degree but a fine man to add to the family, unfortunately she never lived to see Nadia in any relationship and that had broken Nadia. It became so hard for her to even keep contact with her Cameroon family – though she made sure to catch-up with her cousins in Cameroon once in a while on social media she knew it was not enough, but that was the best she could do – she wanted to give it some time for the pain of her mums passing to heal before facing her aunties and entire family.


Phillips and her encounter was a surreal one… One beautiful evening at the balcony of Maya’s birthday party she had met Phil – the guys were having a proper manly banter with serious fists pumps and guffaws under the cool evening moon in a way that spelled out a ‘no woman’ zone – but she had to cut in and offer them glasses of champagne on a tray, she was helping Maya to serve … Everyone grabbed a glass and Phil grabbed her heart… They both couldn’t stop staring at each other all night until breaking dawn… When it was home time she grabbed her coat and heard him so close to her neck asking if she needed a ride home… She had driven to the party but didn’t want to let him go – so she accepted his ride home.

At first they drove in silence then he broke the silence and asked for her address to enter into his satellite navigation… In the background, KISS-FM didn’t do them any favours… The atmosphere was palpable as Jennifer Hudson belted ‘one night only’. She barely knew this man, but her senses were wrecked by him already… It could have been the Champagne but boy he smelled good so she pretended to compliment his perfume and he did same… They drove along the Quay of the Thames and she knew he was buying time to be with her and she wanted to unequivocally be in that car forever… He took his time hummed to the songs that came on and chatted about the vibrancy of London city by night…

Pulling his car into the apartment complex driveway was like a blow to her heart, she stepped out of the car and turned to half-heartedly thank him when she realised he was opening the door to his car and strolling towards her… Her breath stopped he came too close for comfort and too close for any reasoning…

“Good night Naddy her said – it’s a pleasure to meet you… I couldn’t tell you were Cameroonian but I am indeed glad you are… You are very beautiful” Phil said

“And so are you” said Naddy

Hahahahha Phil laughed so loud and asked Naddy… “Is that a compliment, am I beautiful or what about me too…” So they both laughed and got even closer and the most wanted evitable became inevitable – they were kissing so passionately that instead of stopping to catch their breath they were stopping to stare into each others eyes like something needed to be said but no one had anything to say… So they continued into Naddy’s house and it felt so real and so natural… It felt like they had known each other forever… For ages…for infinity.

They had tea and sat on Naddy’s couch sharing pleasantries of their childhood when Naddy suggest Phil spends the night as it was almost morning and they both were exhausted from the banter and the events of that day… as though he expected the question he didn’t argue , he calmly asked her the housekeeping rules and where the bathroom and kitchen were located – In the cutest way she made him comfortable, he had a quick shower and asked for a toothbrush which Naddy handed to him through a half-closed bathroom door… but caught a glimpse of his chocolate brown abs in the mirror… He was a gorgeous man…

When he was done he returned to the lounge in his boxers and Naddy’s house coat asking where he could sleep for the night – shamelessly Naddy showed him her bed… they cuddled for the rest of the foul womb of the night – when bad bad things happen… They knew better but to be good and just enjoy the pure warmth of each other’s body as the clung to each other and fell asleep – contented just to be with each other… Nothing else mattered and somehow Naddy was wondering if the passion between them will taste different by morning.

They were never apart after that day… Nothing was rushed and Phil never pushed her to do anything she didn’t want to…it was her choice to lose her virginity to him but she knew it wasn’t a wise choice and yet couldn’t help the way he made her feel… Years went by and they grew so close and got semi engaged… Moved in together and shared a life until Phil made the choice to return to Cameroon and start-up a business with the intent that Naddy would join him when all is set….

Naddy could sense things had changed and if nothing was done from her end she was going to lose Phil – he was sleeping off her grasp…


It was so hot that  Rina spent the day turning on and off the air conditioner in Phil’s living room… She had made it a point to get Phil to take her home after Bella’s advice – she also asked him to meet her family and that she wanted to meet he’s… The magic was not to rush him but make sure the key questions were asked and that the rules were set out from the onset to get the man showing signs and interest in making a commitment… She had Phil where she wanted… His lifestyle was easy to managed… She suggested they have lunch in the best restaurants in the town after work, what best time was there to enjoy the guys monopoly cash but now.. She made sure to be seen in town in his posh BMW Drive and she made sure to look the part… Her beauty was enough to move heads but her goal was to get a ring on her finger and she was on top of this one… She had not seen any signs of another woman’s competition… And there was none.


Naddy met her cousin Charley at the capital airport. They hadn’t been in touch since she left Cameroon and since her mum passed away… It wasn’t the best time of her life so she had fallen back in communication with her Cameroon side of the family… She got his coordinates on Facebook and apologised for the silence, but they were so close as children that Charley was nothing but elated and relieved to hear from her…

He told her his mother; her mother’s sister has been worried about her silence… So blood conquers all after all. He turned up at the airport and she instantly knew him… He had grown into a man but his smile hadn’t changed… They hugged for days and Naddy tried not to cry when he called her by her name – just like her mother use to call her ‘Ma Nadia Eyere’ … she felt at home, in her cousins arms she felt safe like she was able to deal with anything and everything, she was on her home turf – and she was going to find Phil and understand what was happening

On the drive to Charley’s house she told him everything about Phil and how she had decided to surprise him and find out what’s going on.

Of course Charley’s reaction was expected “Naddy I don’t think it’s a good idea, you should let him know that you are coming to town… He is a man… He may be into something but that don’t mean he has forgotten you – just give him time… I suggest you call him and let him know you are in town… Said Charles “do not surprise him it’s not good for your sanity and his ego…

” Men and your ego’s ” very narcissistic set of ignoramuses… I don’t care I am here to do what my heart tells me and that’s that. Can you get his office details please? Every single thing we can get on him, I need it, I have got a week in Cameroon and that’s all the time I have to waste or to gain.

Charley could not convince Nadia any less so he got on top of all his contacts in town and in no time he even had Phil’s home address… There was nothing like data protection on this side of town…

It was a major coincidence that Phil lived about an hours drive from Charley’s office so that morning was best for Nadia to set the ball rolling, they got to the gate of number 23 Rue-de-la-Ville at exactly 8.00am-  the gate was huge, the house was obscured by the height of the gate and Naddy remembered all the arrangements to get this place all the way from London, Phil needed somewhere big enough to contain his container of things he shipped – safe enough for all his business and work gadgets and in the safest most secured area in town.

Charley rang the bell and a very sleepy gateman in his singlet turned up with the most disgusting morning face you can imagine, it was either he slept in his spit or he washed his face with it either ways he looked a mess and nothing worth saying good morning to – a little banter and he offered to be back in a few minutes to let them in.

In the yard – Naddy sat so still in the car that she could feel her stomach rumbling from the tension of seeing Phil, she wanted to run into his arms and hold him tight and tell him how much she missed him, she was unsure what her reaction would be but she panted and her heart wouldn’t stay in one place so she kept sipping water in the hot weather –until the front door opened and the figure looked nothing like Phil – she saw the most feline like of creatures she had ever seen – a lady who couldn’t be a maid because she wore the look of the madam of the house so well and she had a ruffled hair and tied her housecoat so loose you could see she wasn’t forgotten in the breast division – she was beautiful – Naddy just starred and could not even notice that tears streamed down her eyes – but the lady’s voice jolted her back to reality

“Good morning – you all just missed Phil he went out jogging but you can come and make yourself comfortable he will be back shortly ‘ said Rina – in her mind she could not understand why Phil’s guest and his female companion were visiting so early in the morning – the woman was seated behind the tinted windscreen of the car so she couldn’t see how badly she was making the woman cry.

“ Good morning, sorry to be here so early, I am here to see Phil on a business deal, it’s a little urgent – sorry are you Mr Phil’s wife asked Charley”

‘I am his fiancé’ she responded using her ring finger to adjust the front of her housecoat – she knew it was just a fashion accessory he gave her with a set of necklace and earrings but there was no harm in her owning what was already designated to be.

Charley moved closer and shook her hand – Naddy could barely move so she remained in the car trying to breathe, trying so hard to teach her lungs that when she sucked in air they should expand take the oxygen, use it to feed her brain and send out carbon dioxide – to keep her alive, because where she sat she was as good as dead.

The picture of the man she knew cozzying up with the creature in front of her made her so sick she wanted to vomit in the car – but she held it together quickly dried her eyes and kept her gaze on her phone as though she was too busy to get involved in any conversation- thank God for Charley – he was handling the situation the best way possible.

The gates were loud enough to announce Phil’s entrance – he came into his compound and Naddy could see him from the side car mirror – everything was in slow motion, she saw his face, his sleeveless t-shirt and the sweat droplets on his body as he jogged through the gates – his sweat pants clearly giving a silhouette of his manhood and his ripped abs – a look Naddy always joked sent her back to bed – instead today it sent her sharp shooting pains in her chest and her heart – she couldn’t move but watch intently as the mirror brought him closer – at the sight of Charley he stopped and walked up to the lady and gave her a peck on her cheek , immediately she wrapped her arms around his sweaty body and leaned into him so close like the sweat from his body was all the hydration she needed to survive.

A few words were exchanged and the lady went back into their house – Charley brought Phil closer to the car and you could tell there was a look of worry and confusion on his face until he turned around and looked at the car – Naddy was broken into pieces she was bawling her eyes out – when Phil approached the car and opened the door – she couldn’t even look at him – she just cried!! And he immediately turned into a pillar of stone!

Charley had clearly had enough of the drama – so he gave Phil his address and drove a crying Naddy back to his house – in an almost two hour traffic drive all he could do was say to Naddy –

“ Be strong sis – he is a man – he will come around – do not let this break you – he will come around”



No matter how hard his friends tried to convince him to change his wedding speech, Phil wouldn’t budge – he had one thing he wanted the world to know about the woman he chose to marry and that was all that mattered – the image of his choice had to be imprinted into the relics of his wedding day and forever in his heart because this women was the only thing that mattered to him – and he would do anything for her – yes the speech was a little bit OTT, cheesy as his friends termed it but the truth is he had to say it loud and clear, his choice was his life and his life depended on the love of this woman – he wasn’t perfect but he found love as pure and unadulterated as can be …so as they danced into the reception his palms sweated and his mouth dried from anticipation – because even she had no idea he was going to kick himself this openly. As the glasses clinked to introduce his toast he stood up looked at the most beautiful women by his side and started …

~Nadia when I first saw you I said oh my- oh my that’s my dream – the laughter and the applause followed.

~I have had the most wonderful dream of all – somewhere along our dream I may have fallen short of the man you envisaged – but you never fell short of the woman I wanted – a wife material is many things and encompasses everything and is many things to many people. I cannot love you any less because the love I have for you has been tried and tested but every time I look at you I am at peace with myself – if I try to outline the reasons why I love you, I will never stop and we all will be bored stiff while some of the guest may think I am insane – insanely in love with you I am – I don’t know what everyone else thinks  but to me you are my definition of a wife material and I am immensely blessed to have you in my life again – because my life would have known no meaning if I had lost you… Cheers everyone and thank you for gracing our big day with your presence!!

Phil led Naddy by her hand as he requested for the love song that bound them together for years after they met each other for the first time – as she lay her head on his shoulder – he whispered in her ears “ I will work my whole life to win your forgiveness Naddy – I am so sorry – I got carried away – I never meant to hurt you like that – you are my life”

She looked him right in his eyes and said – “ do you need a toothbrush? You can spend the night you know, and you can sleep in my bed”

His soul soared higher than a kite and all the guests didn’t matter – he carried his bride into the car and drove off telling his groomsman Charley to announce they have gone to change outfits for the gala.

And Jennifer Hudson’s one night only faded as their car drove into their future as man and wife


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  1. Gabriel Ross 12th July 2015 at 4:28 pm

    “Be strong he is a man, he will come around. Do not let this break you, he will come around”

    1. Elizabeth Eta 13th July 2015 at 7:46 am

      Diamond and Ross that is certainly a powerful statement. I am glad Phil came around. One thing I do know is not yo appear unexpected. I guess that is what happens when you are deeply in love. You throw all caution to the wind and go with your instincts…anyway Nadia took a risk and it paid off. She got the man of her dreams back and that is all that matters. Sometimes it takes just a look or surprise visit to bring them (men) to order.

  2. Baiye Frida 12th July 2015 at 6:36 pm

    So what happened to Rina? Pls I need to read the whole story.
    Am glad Naddy and Phils got married at the end.Despite her pain she got her man back with a perfect ring and not some fake engagement ring.
    Very inspirational. True love always win at the end.Thanks thanks Dorothy Diamond for this story.

  3. Elizabeth Eta 13th July 2015 at 8:07 am

    Nadia certainly proved that she was a wife material for Phil to drop Rina. I guess most or the typical bush fallers would have chosen Rina. However. I have the impression that Rina made the choice was for Phil because to me the way she is portrayed is more like a girl who just wanted to have a good time with a good catch. Most bush faller bebes should be hopeful after reading this…they just might still have a shot with that guy

  4. Loreta Tamungang 13th July 2015 at 8:27 am

    I am in love with Phil… Best groom speech I ever heard…

  5. Valentine 19th October 2015 at 8:32 pm

    Ok oh…

  6. AB 19th October 2015 at 9:32 pm

    Wow!!!happy for Naddy… but wait oh, just thinking aloud; why is forgiving a cheating male partner seen as obvious and expected as compared to when the female partner cheats?

    1. DorothyDiamond 20th October 2015 at 10:11 am

      Unwavering AB , thank you for your consistency

  7. Bertrand Egbe 20th October 2015 at 3:56 am

    That was interesting and a good read. I have to give it to you. The narrative kept me glued right to the end. You, Dorothy Diamond are quite the storyteller. Kudos!!

    1. DorothyDiamond 20th October 2015 at 10:13 am

      Hi Bertrand thank for stopping by, I really do appreciate your support, words like these keep me inspired and sure that even when I publish in hard copy I will have an audience regardless of how small. Much appreciated. x


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