Why TOKE MAKINWA could be my doppelgänger

She talks about so many things – MOST LISTED BELOW

  1. Nigerians/Cameroonians are raised to be ashamed of sex and talking about sex: We’re raised to think that, ‘sex should only be with your rightful partner’ etc.
  2. The fact is people will have sex regardless of marital status.
    People are so ashamed of sex that they can’t call the ‘organs’ by the rightful names. So people say words and phrases like ‘his thing’, ‘her snail’, kpekus, prick etc.
  3. Toke thinks it’s not every relationship you should have sex in.
    She says women especially should be careful that they’re not having sex for the wrong reasons. “If he’s not taking you seriously before the sex, then he won’t after the sex.”

TOKE you always tok sense ~!! and I will never ever find a verbal double like you – you are an absolute PURFECT ~ESCAPISTS – a soul sister for real!




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