While Beyonce’s C.F.D.A speech will make you cry – You’d even feel sloppier for Jay-Z


Every woman should listen to this peach basically, It started and ended for me with an all-encompassing ”Live life on my own terms” – What stood out in this magnificent speech regardless of the look on Jay-Z’s Face, you can tell all is not well by the following

  • No eye contact
  • No mentioning of his name (c’mon grandma grandpa, uncles) well let’s just say Becky try
  • Even on the red carpet they both are focus only on Blue Ivy – like she may fall in a gorilla enclosure – that level of hands-on I mean

If some relationships are what we make of them publicly these two have never been very PDA but because of lemonade now we are looking for clues left right centre !! People leave Blue Ivy’s parents alone – Enough is enough.




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