Warning – Ebola is sexually transmitted – That’s NOT news!

As we celebrate with our fellow brother and sisters in Liberia after WHO declared the country ebola free , warning following this announcement that the disease can be sexually transmitted came as a an absolute shock.

China-made Detection Reagent Of Ebola Virus Is Going To Be Exported To Africa

This is one of the most deadliest virus ever in human existence killing millions of people and wiping out entire villages and families simply through airborne or body contact – isn’t sex a very intimate deed that can make the ebola virus more active and hyper-ebolosive? ‘not sure the word exist’ but just incase ebola was an explosive we can call it’s reaction ‘ebolosive’.

No one will want to have sex with an ebola patient knowingly so we need some clarifications, is the disease completely eradicated or WHO are saying it is temporarily in hibernation? what are the chances that a person already treated from the diseases can sexually infect a healthy person? – when did AIDS take a back seat, in the context of reality and facts we ask WHO to clarify. Madam President Johnson we need your assistance in more education and light about this victory so it doesn’t fall flat at it’s peak. 42 days of no new cases is a sign God answers prayers, there is hope for better days ahead.

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