Vagina soliloquy – did you know a vagina …

Let me break it down to you ladies … and gentlemen because I know our men never let us down when they hear it concerns the VG!! A piece by Ayurveda from me to you ladies _ big up you greatest asset ever!


Ladies, please do not get this twisted – it doesn’t say don’t bathe, It is self-cleaning but can stink a whole room down if you don’t handle your end of the cleaning chores!
HABA! seriously this means you have your Kegels in check – don’t just sit there thinking you will be holding any sword in if you are all lose up in there – Kegels daily and keep the game tight! The sword is not a knife oh people – it is a dick! if you can’t hold it in then wahala de!
Specu-what _ seriously Vagina has suffered lol
The more yogurt you eat the more good bacteria you get down there – so keep you healthy yogurt intake daily _ also what you eat affects there as well which is why the Kardashian drink loads of pineapple juice to make it smell fruity _ desert anyone?
The joys of being super human eh?
134 _ what exactly are they counting – the screams or the tremors _ is this person still alive or is this even healthy. A good orgasm does som good to the body seriously every one orgasm reduces signs of aging so have one a day by you or by you – by fire by force hahahahahah
So can we donate pubic hair then to bald men? wow that’s some serious hair growing skill right there
I personally wouldn’t put vagina and shark in one sentence but the experts know best _ well squalene is a chemical compound made of hydrocarbon and triterpene used in vaccines and cosmetics. thank goodness the vagina is not detachable _ people will be doing organ harvest !! Vagina is money people
200% i was thinking more like 1million _ childbirth meeehhhhhnnnn!
The holy grail _ now you see why. Very important piece of the honey pot key – if you do not know where it is you are as good as frozen fish

We hail the VAGINA_ in itself it is like an arsenal of army and weapons put together!

XOXO DorothyDiamond



  1. Lomby 23rd December 2015 at 4:11 pm

    If a tok sey a neva learn a whole lot then a di lie….

    Na so i carry powerful instrument within me ? lol

    1. DorothyDiamond 27th December 2015 at 10:41 am

      Ma Lomby —-we i can’t even respond ma dear!!

  2. CHONK!$ 27th December 2015 at 7:54 am

    This piece made me laff. I almost fell-off ma chair. It’s the chemical similarity with sharks that got me thinking. Some women who understand this asset of their body use it wisely to make some “dough”.. Hmmm

    Good Infos and i hope some women and men get you use this wisely? Me i don wakaa.. Wetin consign agbero with twitter handle,or cow with face cap?

    1. DorothyDiamond 27th December 2015 at 10:40 am

      ahhhhhhhh WMD – weapon of mass distruction


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