UK Government to deport 29,000 Nigerians, Including those who are sick & illegal!

Well, it is shocking to see that the immigration issue is the  UK Government’s top priority right now because of depleting economic and social atmosphere, but the mind joggler is how do you deport someone who is ill and whose best chances of surviving is staying here in the UK?

They are not a threat to the community in any way shape or form? I guess they are a threat to the health budget ~ sadly the rumour is true as the Nigerian ambassador confirms in the article below!

Anyone heard about Cameroon? please let us know.


The Acting high commissioner to the UK, Olukunle Akindele Bamgbose has revealed how the Nigerian Embassy in London is being asked (by the British Government) to help remove people who were sick, had immigration appeals outstanding, had no ties to Nigeria after living for many years in the UK and who in some cases were not even Nigerian.

He along with the Nigerian Embassy are coming under intense pressure from the Home Office to help pave the way for the deportation of an estimated 29,000 Nigerians believed to be living in Britain illegally, according to one of its most senior diplomats.

“It’s a big issue for us here at the embassy,” he said. “There are cases where people have been here for decades. Some of them are not even Nigerian: they came to Britain on false passports originally but the UK want us to accept them back to Nigeria. We are setting conditions because we have to protect our citizens.”

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2 Responses to UK Government to deport 29,000 Nigerians, Including those who are sick & illegal!

  1. Chonkis says:

    Yawa dey oh for up compound. That mentioned number is certainly not correct. And asking the Embassy to provide information is something to be looked upon with caution because at some point it becomes diplomatic and if the Nigerin embassy doesn’t comply, they may have to park their bags and return.

    Well, i think it’s high time for whoever is living in the UK without full papers to support their stay should start selling stuffs and converting your cash to cashless and making sure you are ready because whem “Dem catch U; abeg make i go collect my thing no go dey oh”

    I pitty the sick ones who are there for treatment though. What exactly does the British government want them to do? Go back home and die or how? Hmm #GodKnows


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