TWERK _ just twerked it’s way into the Oxford Dictionary!

The word ‘twerk,’ made famous by singer Miley Cyrus, has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary in conjunction with words like -Webisode ,  E-Cigarette , Twitteratti , Fo-Shizzle , and a plethora of other wacky sounding adjectives and nouns!

The word ‘twerking’ rocketed into popular use following US singer Miley Cyrus’s controversial gyrating at a music awards performance in 2013, but shockingly had been in existence since the 18th century – is anyone ready to see their great great great grand shaking bum bum ??? – NO please !!  The word pronounced back then as -‘twirk’ referring to a “twisting or jerking movement”, which is what starts like Milley and Muva keep doing on an ongoing basis like the twerk ambassadors they truly are

Actually rewind a few years before TWERK – Robin Thicke was very married, Milley was a top celeb engaged to a fabulously handsome actor and all seemed well until this ……

Milley thicke1

Described as dancing “in a sexually provocative manner, using thrusting movements of the bottom and hips while in a low, squatting stance” – and a divorce plus a separation!

This line should be appended to that dictionary ***Hope we all get the drift – Twerking is dangerous if done with the wrong person – consequences affect both parties***



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