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We salute another inspiration on our Diva-Ville category Ms Krstyn Enem – CEO , Founder and Producer of the krystnenemshowtv. As we celebrate women in our mainstream world doing inspiring things this Diva-Ville brain and beauty launched The Krystn Enem Show July 1st 2014 on PRTV, then 3 months later the show hit a second TV station in Nigeria, TVC.

Krystn’s inspiration about life paraphrased in one solid sentence

“I believe so much in talent and hard work and I have a few pertinent life experiences I would love to share with young girls – it is very possible to make it to the top without sleeping with men for favors. In order to walk tall, you just have to be ready to take it one day at a time, sweat it out but keep focused”

Give to life what you want to get back out of it”

Do we by any chance need to question her success at all – her steadfastness and aspiration is contagious – go girl, take the TV world by storm!

Watch a few clips on our YouTube page: krystnenemshowtv.



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