To some people “I was a nobody singing rubbish, but that didn’t deter my dreams” – meet BSenjo The Voice

Hey guys, let me introduce you to the one and only Miss BSenjo whose voice like the title of her debut album is – change inevitable- the 23-year-old singer from Cameroon has something colloquial yet unbelievably captivating in her tone, you’d want to listen to her voice over and over again, she is a rare gem!!

Singing has been part of this songstress life for as long as she can recall , taking part in competitions and singing in choirs helped build her talent and vocal range to the exceeding potentials we are now witnessing with the Make A Change video release.


BSenjo delved into her passion for music as she recounts her time with her high school choir to exploit more of her talent and was automatically made the choir leader.  In 2010, Miss BSenjo  released her first album “Stand on your faith” which didn’t go anywhere due to lack of publicity and finance .Coupled with the fact that she was still a full-time student and her utmost focus at the time was education but the passion and determination for music motivated her to plan further – she so kept striving, even when people around her basically termed  her struggle “Rubbish songs by a nobody

Her luck changed in 2013, with news she had won the DV lottery to the US . The penny had dropped for Miss Belinda and that translated into a visit to the studio to pour out her love and gratitude unto a song she entitled  “Make a change”  encouraging the underprivileged and people who may have been experienced same roadblocks as her not to give up and always have hope.

On arriving the  U.S, Belinda started doing covers of artists like Beyoncé and Mariah Carey, because their style of music inspired her and led to a huge following on social media.  Then she took an artistic bold step to audition at the American Got Talent competition in 2014 to showcase her talent.  Though unsuccessful her drive to get the Make A Change album was fueled even further – to decry societal vices like child molestation and abuse a trait very common in Cameroon where children are raised by relatives and maltreated because they are not biological children.

In BSenjo’s own words ;


These kids are instead the ones who will be better-off tomorrow .So we need to make a change. I’m also doing this for my dad. I want him to be proud of me. He wasn’t a part of my life while I was growing up but he showed up at a very crucial point when I needed him the most .love you dad. In all, music is life to me.




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  1. Yvonne Matthews 6th September 2016 at 2:35 pm

    Why hasn’t she been snatched up and topped the charts already. Her voice is amazing and her spirit is undeniable.


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