The tell-it-all book proving Kardashian mum tried to cure her husband from transitioning using Christianity …Say What?


Kardashian-Dynasty-Book-CoverKris Jenner has been accused of trying to “cure” ex-husband Caitlyn Jenner of her transition “urges” while they were married and when he confided in her about his desires to transition into a woman.

In a new scandal-filled book penned by Canadian journalist Ian HalperinKardashian Dynasty – the momager, 60, is accused of pushing her husband into Christian therapy to “cure” then Bruce’s struggle with gender identification.

The only reason why she must have failed is that she misunderstood the true meaning of Christianity – how can you push your partner into a religion or practice that you cannot exemplify!! Christianity doesn’t cure gender issues – it simply tells you what God through the bible thinks about the issue and you can make a conscious decision about it.

We all can’t wait to grab a copy, though – the only minor dissuasion is the fact that nothing more can be written in the book we have not seen on KUWTK – or maybe not. ¬†Where the book at google?


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