The son Jay-Z has denied for so long is his spitting image _ & Dragging him to court

Father by fire by force = This is no lemonade and I am not Becky but…

The original Becky of years and years ago before Beyonce could dream of music has finally passed the baton onto her son to fight for his rightful father to recognise and legally accept him as his son amidst rumours of fraud in the whole legal battle.

He is rumoured not only to be the spitting image of the rapper but also a spitting image of the rappers mother!!! It Haf joh batttttt!! Pass me a glass of Lemonade!


Beyonce did not have any reason to sing Lemonade to get eyes rolling – this boy alone will make a whole jury take a decision without any recess.

As we wait for the battle to unfold with our bowls of popcorn and chilled lemonades, the mother of the boy encourages her son to not give up in the battle! Watch him tell his side of the story!

“The Governor of Pennsylvania is reviewing information regarding allegations of fraud in Philadelphia regarding court orders where the parties names were changed and removed,” Satterthwaite said while reading a written statement captured by Radar Online. “My message to my son, Rymir, is that the battle is now yours. Don’t give up.”




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