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A few people won’t stop gushing about how happy Tiwa looks lately in her updates and life in general … ambassadors of doom and gloom you all fed into the misery of this woman to the point of castigating her makeup in her crying video interview – now she is trying to pick up her pieces and move all y’all are up in her grill – ±WHY ???

Give Tiwa Savage some space people – her pain must be hers alone to understand and manage and if she is moving on good on her – see how good she looks at tools wedding in Dubai after all her wahala with her husband T-Billz whose true reason for all the drama can be seen/read here 

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The True reason why Tunji Balogun (Tee Billz) attempted suicide will shock you all for real .Sources claim;

That the woman at the center of the N45million fraud is Hajara
Mustapha.Contrary to the story making rounds in the Nigerian media, NG learnt that Hajara Mustapha is a not girl as most
people claimed, she is a top CEO at one of the new generation banks in Lagos.

Hajara Mustapha is the cousin of Ibrahim Babangida’s daughter, Halima Babangida.

Haraja said Tee Billz reportedly took N45million from her while posing as an official of Etisalat. Immediately he collected the money with forged documents, he went into hiding.
The case has been reported to the EFCC.

As it stands, Tee Billz has been running from pillar to post.
His last move to escape from EFCC is the fake suicide attempt.
Our source said Tee Billz’s suicide attempt is a ploy to gain sympathy from those pursuing after him.

Even with this major saga and dishonesty a pastor, acclaimed man of God is telling Tiwa to take Tunji back and return home to fix her marriage, the pastor named as Felix Aigbe Libarty has called out the couple to save themselves and the Nigerian music industry from further embarrassment by resolving their differences amicably.

His message to Tiwa went along the lines of  “I want Tiwa Savage to begin to understand that whatever is happening to her now is an attack from the pit of hell. Her husband is in deep trouble. I am sure that his pastor has not been able to tell him that he’s under attack. The devil may not attack you directly, it will attack your partner. Spiritually, as I am seeing it, her husband (TeeBillz) is under attack.

Eh Eh Heee!! Pastors please pray for this sister because she is between a hard rock and a knife – either ways she is fucked up with a fucked up husband and needs better spiritual councilling and not blogger counsel, it is well.


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There is good reason why when things like this happen – you need to hear what others have to say – some people as judgmental as they are, find pleasure in kicking a fallen person down while others come with a little respite in the logic with caution experience and understanding-  keeping quick judgement to the curb — Omoni Oboli caught our ears on this one and it’s a fact – Marriage is sacrifice BUT above all NO MARRIAGE IS PERFECT forget it !



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This better be a big big Daymare – nightmare is very usual , please may this be a social-media-mare!


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After all this rage she just released a new song entitled ”If I start to Talk” – with very powerful imagery of a woman’s leg suppressing a man under her wi8eght – a scene that looks strongly  like a regretful shag scene plus a complete extreme of her praising God.

Meanwhile others stars are reaching out to the couple like Banky W who wrote on Instagram asking Teebillz to call him, saying, “Bro, please PLEASE PLEASE CALL ME BACK. I know you’re reading this bro please call me back please. I love you and so does your wife and your kids. We can fix whatever it is or we can at least try. Please call me please.”

But looks like Tunji has spoken up and confirms his account was hacked “All the comment that was being made are not true and are not written by me Tunji Balogun,” he wrote on Twitter using the name @teebillztemp. “I am in the process of getting back my account and have contacted the appropriate authorities. All this writing is so not me. Read things I’ve written in the past, that’s not how I write.”

It’s shocking that a stranger will hack into T-Billz account and make such ridiculous utterances that actually have a close semblance to their real life – rumours had been in the grapevine that the house was on shaky ground – but the fact is which marriage is perfect ? if you know one give us a buzz – see a list of all the insulting things that we had to put our eyes throough in the name of hacking —– Celebs have mercy on us oh±!!