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Hello everyone, meet my first ever Cameroonian guest on The #KrystnEnemShow. The super sweet beautiful Syndy Emade.

We chatted pleasantly about the Cameroon film industry, her plans and her take on marriage… Hahaha we seem to share same views on certain topics.
#WorkingWomen #Camer #237 We are the future.
Watch out for the interview on Season 3 of The Krystn Enem Show!!! Stay tuned.


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The movie “Rose On A Grave” premiers 21st November in Douala and 28th Limbe. BRE short for Blue Rain Entertainment  is pleased to announce that it will be a “Blue carpet event” in both towns, are you all ready for this amazing, intrigue-filled suspense tension enthraller?

‪#‎RoseOnAGrave‬ ‪#‎bluerain‬ ‪#‎bluecarpet‬filmA

The producer and brains behind the movie Syndy Emade had the below quote

“I am not perfect; but I strive for perfection. I do not believe success alone defines me as an individual; but I always work hard to earn my success. Please, join me in Douala and Limbe on the 21st and 28th November to see the results of #hardwork. 38 DAYS TO GO! Movie premier. #RoseOnAGrave #BlueRainEntertainment #BGCBabe”

Not to give away all the juicy details of this movie, watch trailer



Cupido oh oh oh- pour lui lamour c’est du gateau, pour lui l’amour y’a rien plus beau!!

People sorry to crush your hopes – as far as these two are concerned Cupido hasn’t shot any arrow so far – they met through mutual friends who happens to be Syndy’s PR manager and only apparently met twice – (I have seen them in more than two pictures though!!) 😉

personally we adore Syndy Emade and see a purrfect escape future with her and wish her all the best – and Clinton has heard all the rumours and his camp is silent – is there any more you all want to know …

Cameroon like join-marret!!!

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