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It shouldn’t take anyone long enough to notice that flying is a common thing in pictures related to the anticipated  sensational afro-pop dance hall club banger released by the iconic, one of the most creative and self-defined fashion music legend Sama Ndango – the release of his new hit single Un-Genre Un-Genre is so addictive and hypnotising you’d fly – ecstatically or hysterically – this guy’s sagacity has no limits!


We do not need authorisation to put a tag on this new release of Un-Genre Un-Genre , the preluding video is pure genius – utter creativity and ingenuity from Sama Ndango aka Mr, Fix It  will leave you racking your brains for more – but with serious inclination to be left out of the logic because this man has a method to his madness!

This song has the potential to be a paean in most French-speaking countries, but also to anyone who listens to it for the first time, something about the alliteration of Un-Genre – translated as (a kind/type) will remain in the cortex of your brain for so long you’d be humming , singing, bobbing your head and potentially catching the epidemic of free-willing in the jungle in a white boxer and a chewing stick – life is good like that !

Sama you’ve left us all feeling |Un Genre Un Genre| now please can you just land this music already before we all go bunkers with the wait!!!




There is a dictionary definition for every word – or most words on the planet, but when two talented selfless Cameroonian pop artists put their hearts into recreating, recrafting and rebranding basic terminologies like SEXY & STYLISH suddenly life has new meaning!!

Let me  introduce you to a brand new universe of sexy stylish demonstration of ambiance, fashion mixed with enchanting enticing alluring music, to quench the fantasy of all classes of people.

Sama Ndango expresses a different side of his music prowess and dexterity in this song. Something about the unpredictability and difference in the video makes you want to watch it over and over again!!

The uniqueness in his fashion style and ownership of his quirky persona really shines through in this song _ Mr fixIt just fixed us another scintillating club jam and we sure will jam to it endlessly in the most-sexy and stylish way.


Here is the official video of the sexy stylish afro dancehall popish club banga, sensually crafted by Cameroons most Stylish Musician – Sama Ndango featuring Fon Tete (the lavish music producer) and directed by Dr Nkeng Stephen.

As we all digest the appeal of this song, we are tied even more to the reality that the song and video is an ODE to the late Papa Wemba. Is there any singular reason this song shouldn’t be our number one hit song of the year!

Just relax watch and enjoy, in the most sexy-stylish way ever possible! These guys will take Cameroon places – Watch this space.