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I am not on Facebook ”Was the first thing you said to me months ago when our paths crossed and I looked up all the other RMD’s and almost started in boxing one after the other with actual blows – that’s how protective I am of all my Bae’s of life  😳  😳

Oya oga himself has set his sights on theses accounts and wants all these fraudsters brought to book in the SOCMED court – sentencing all of them to ”LIFE UNFRIEND-MENT”



The success of someone else does not mean you’re failing. Don’t measure ur success by the success of others – #RMDSaysSo

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And his fans are accusing him of aging backwards the comments on his page will make you laugh your lungs out – some women should please give this man a break except ME! – your comments are noted now leave his page alone – hahahahhahah!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤



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Lately – the infatuation about how graceful RMD is aging has turned many heads and made many women flutter – but behind this demigod of a man is a woman who has kept him grounded and made all this look so easy and fascinating! And he took to the media on her birthday to let the world know about his blessed wife and partner Jumobi Mofe-Damijo!


Love of my life. My Quarterback. My Rock. My wife. I am everything I am cos u love me. Warts’n All. Ur d one God gave me to love me as I am. 16 years later see where we are. See how I am. U make it all look beautiful. Mother of my children. My Adumaradan. I know u’ll rather I don’t bring u out here but I will love them to know the OTHER source of my strength and pride. Thank u baby for keeping my feet on d ground and making it real. Ur my HERO. I love u. Happy birthday my ABK


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As you all may be aware ladies – your dad happens to be the hottest man on the planet right now – does that in any way influence or intimidate the men in your lives or your plans to date anyone?

Seriously if any guy you bring home cannot match RMD even at this age then it’s potentially a huge mistake – like father like daughters y’all are stunning!

Bless! 😛

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Memories are made of these….

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