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Most often than not recovery from a state of unconsciousness is sometimes floundering and a tiny bit confusing for the person recovering but in Nene’s case because she was so conscious in her unconsciousness her recovery was imperious – more like she was telling her brain to make it snappy, to open her eyes so she could just one more time, behold the love of her life. She could tell she was unconscious but for how long she was unsure. Yet when her eyes fluttered open the crisp clear rays of the sunlight kissed her retina and she shut her eyes almost immediately from the bright waves the light sent spiralling into her brain.

Slowly like a new creature learning it’s abilities she finally, gradually managed to pry her eyes open and looked at her surroundings, taking everything in in one go and moving her eyes back to the nurses corner. There was no one in the room at the moment, because she was strapped to all sorts of medical gadgets so she stayed put and played her last visuals in her mind over and over again… She had seen a doctor who she could bet on her life was Creed, what if she was imagining things? who was going to clarify her dilemma? How was she going to get about asking the medical staff about Creed, the fear of it all being her mind playing tricks on her made her feel a little damp from perspiration, what if he was not Creed?

In the middle of her muddled thoughts a nurse walked into the room and half exclaimed and reaffirmed in a rhetorical remark

“Oh! I see you are awake? Brilliant I’ll let the doctor know…

Nene felt like a kid in a candy shop… What???  A doctor? Her heart was racing and very quickly at the thought she was going to see Creed again. How she looked didn’t matter – she just wanted to look into his eyes reaffirm her joy that she had seen the love of her life again –  the tale of hope, the tale of love in a ménage with her sense of escape and wellbeing, she wanted her tale to be so true – if Creed was the doctor she had seen then she was bent for the love she had for him to conquer all things – unbemused by her excitement she sank her face in her hand and drew a long breath just in case she fainted again at the sight of her heartthrob.

While she tried to steady her mind the door flung open and the nurse and a little lady of Asian origin walked into the room… That’s not Creed, that’s not the doctor she wanted to see… But it was clear she wasn’t seeing Creed this was the doctor on duty and there was nothing she could do about it. The little lady walked straight up to her bed with a reassuring smile as if to say – glad to see you are awake.

Petit and meticulous the doctor came across as very thorough and proper in her work so she cracked on with taking off bandages, making mental notes, tapping bones, palpating pulses, sight, tongue, ears and eyes checks… Through all of it, Nene sat like someone had tied her tongue to her lower lip – only air came out of her mouth because it was compulsory – she had to breathe – speech was far from her as her mind did somersaults about how she was gonna ask these people about Creed, will they know him, will they understand her? were they his colleagues– regardless she could only feel the longing in her heart growing even richer the more her brain sought after him.

After the doctor finished her consultation she blatantly told Nene that she had arranged for her to be interviewed by the police because her injuries were suspicious and if for any reason Nene wanted to speak to a lawyer or a counsellor beforehand the service was also available, she handed her a flyer with the caption

Say No To Domestic Violence call 001277244765967 There is always someone at hand to help you walk away and break free.

For the first time, it looked like someone else was taking measures for her because they probably knew what an idiot… The doctor continued

“Do you have any family members you’d like to speak to about this, is there anyone we can contact on your behalf…

Nene toiled between her friend Liz and her cousin but preferred to give her cousin’s number, it was high time she brought her family in on this whole saga – she was certain deep down in her heart that she wasn’t returning to Richard –  even if he was not arrested, she had to find an accompanied charter to escort her to their home to get her belongings or else she will be in the hospital or a mortuary if Richard laid eyes on her.

His logic dictated to her to keep quiet and heal from all the beatings and torture – she had no right to go into hospital, call an ambulance or make any formal complaints – those were his rules and days turned to months and years and he merged their accounts so that she was completely financially dependent upon him yet she made 70% of their income.

Richard had ruined her life, she could in her most hazy thoughts remember how many times she had been raped when she had said no to his advances – he blatantly told her that she was his property to do as he pleased with – some days she woke up in a pool of her own blood because he will forcefully rape her during her period and too tired to do anything she’d fall asleep and wake up to the proof of her stupidity – yet she stayed. Some days he will rape her and make videos of how domineering he could be during sex because he was narcissistic, chauvinistic bastard, use the footage to threaten her and demand more and more inappropriate action from her that her body will repulse of it ever after  – Yet she stayed  – she was a broken woman, he had broken and fragmented her identity – she barely knew who she was.




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There is something about bad boys that can’t let Rihanna rest until she has tied her legs around them… We mean literally – like her sandals.  😆

Travis Scott – is her latest crush and there is no letting up with the dates and PDA displays to tell us otherwise…

Rihanna has got this one in the bag… Man dah’wun!! Rumpompompom Rumpompompom Rumpompompom… Man downnnn!!!

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Dicaprio has all the right to sue this magazine for any ludicrous speculation… Do you know how it feels to accuse someone of something he may be dying to do and cannot get access to or tried and failed… That hurts!!

Mais entre nous les bloggeurs s’il y a la preuve  envoyé nous parce-que l’histoire ci envahi/ échappe tout le monde !