Business Insider researchers surveyed 200+ men for reasons why men cheat, we definitely will not be taking this results as a true representation of all men as it’s not completely representative of the world, the huge male population we know and are aware of their shenanigans as though it was a ritual.

Women are not exempted but because we are focusing more on Men _ we will stick to tearing down/annihilating  their reasons through and through…

  1. MONOGAMY ~ Since the days of ancient Mesopotamia and in the biblical days men were renown for adultery. The last time we checked, cheating is not hereditary, we know men whose dads were saints or vice Versa but dog see dog do  is very common with cheating so don’t blame Mesopotamia or be copying anyone in the old testament or we may be cutting off your hair like Samson ! Just stop the justifications because we knew women who were taken by other men in the bible and their husbands couldn’t  raise a finger – religion made it so! (though some sisters still fall for fake pastors visions _ story for another day!)


  1. 48% of men pled Emotional dissatisfaction in the cheat court ~ this is so true! the fact is women too are emotionally dissatisfied but all they need to do is look into the mirror, go to a salon do their hair nails and buy a dress (sexy one) and that’s the trick that pumps their ego back up, because women also get desperate for emotional pampering and sincerely don’t run out there looking for it in other men (though sometimes we look the cash!! ouch!) Praise and admiration is a woman’s thing ( but we cannot eat praise nah massa!). So Mr MEN wear your big girl blouses and stop mopping _ give praises and get it back that is the trick! you are a mirror reflection of you partner or spouse, start pampering and praising her and you will walk into a house lined with rose petals and candles~ trust me.


  1. Physical attraction 88% agree that they cheated with women less attractive than their partners! Ahhhhhhh that’s not news, thanks for admitting, but truth is sometimes men get it wrong but those who get it right actually hit the nail on the head and that is when separation is imminent when the sidekick is a full package (wahala de oh, die de big house!). But come to think of it , whoever said women don’t like attractive men?  it’s such a pain if a man can wear a tracksuit and a vest, abs intact and a bulge in the front there, you know where, stop thinking, that man can stop women’s traffic even in a born again church ahemmm ahemmm, men are banned from wearing these things purlizzzzzzz..just stick to wearing ganduras and agbahdas… Thanks



  1. Enablers Enablers Enablers ~ worry about a man who has friends or brothers who cheat, read my lips, oh sorry this is a keyboard so read the words _ ‘Fii~YEH’ = ‘FEAR’. That’s all they need, someone who does it and discusses how sweet the bad apple taste , how the new girl did this and that and that – men always fall hard for the first cheat, it’s not about what the girl does, it’s more about justifying their behaviour, so they may even tell you the new girl has three breast – that’s what their eyes sees, and then their minds choose to justify their actions, everything in a new girl is double – even the ugly face becomes the face of an angel –


XOXO DorothyDiamond







A man cheats on his wife until she is broken, finds herself through the witty advice of another woman and decides to be sexy again just to get back at him.

The moment he sees her on the street in a mini skirt he starts chasing her about like a fly chasing poo _ seriously what did he just notice, that he hadn’t for months ???

Do men get temporary blindness in every relationship – some realise their mistakes others don’t and end up in a vicious circle.

Let’s hear your take on what happens when a man regurgitates and turns around to feed on it?


Do men have temporary spousal blindness
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It's my Diamond World and you are welcomed anytime

It’s my Diamond World and you are welcomed anytime

There are all sorts of textbook stereotypes of what the perfect relationship needs to succeed, what a woman can do to keep her man, what a man can do to keep his woman, what parents can do to have perfect kids – come on – who appointed anyone counsellor? What works for A doesn’t work for B – don’t we all know the adage that ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’ if you haven’t, read my take on this article about what women need to do to keep their men, and before you dive deeper get it at the beginning, I say SOD IT – (F*** OFF)

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship – talk less a textbook one – go with your heart, your situation is unique and will never be the same as someone else’s. Regardless of how similar it may look at the surface – beneath, in the confines of your home and bedroom you know these textbooks don’t work – so I say SOD IT !!


1.A good cook:
I cannot stress this enough. If you know how to cook your man’s favourite food and i mean you really take time out to ask him what his favourite is and you go out of your way to learn the act of preparing such food in the best way he likes for him whenever he wants it then you have secured him 50%.

DIAMOND SAYS  :- Cook what? In this day and age where most couples live in their house together for 4 hours a day, that is two hours in the morning two hours after work and it’s already 9pm, the kids need bed the parents need time alone and they are both so tired you dream you made love when actually you both fell asleep half way through kissing –

There is no textbook definition for how a couple can succeed – be careful of stereotypes – the “I can cook so I can keep my man kind of things” na lie – cook and  let him cook – guys isn’t it just sexy to have you in the kitchen too? Try that and see the girlfriend, wife or whatefa screw the kitchen out of the kitchen! :mrgreen:

Have you tried a date night – where you do not cook, sweat, look all knackered and your hair/weave or greff trust African women with unnatural hair, starts smelling of the food you spent all day in the kitchen cooking – what is sexy about smelling hair? In short have a break sometimes and just carry your feet up, style your hair, have a mani and pedicure and look good for your man sometimes – that too works (coming from someone who almost sleeps in the kitchen right?) Wear sexy undies, smell nice , keep yourself sexy but boy cotton big grandma pants are very comfortable so please don’t throw them away! MIX&MATCH – grandma drus Monday and sexy Anne summers weekends !

Take it from me it’s not all about food, make sure you can cook, learn the foods and meals he likes but do not slave in the kitchen as if you are mami put – plus a woman who stays in the kitchen taste a lot of different foods and we know where the calories end right? 

Like Beyonce and co below – Cater to your man and men – Cater right back -it’s a two-way street people that’s why it’s called LOVE
(Watch till the end)



Hawt Summer!!


When he walked through the smoky glass doors, the spinning floors of the 20th Avenue OBAR nightclub became a lot slower than I imagined… As I danced my way into the night the moment held a terrible stillness … The rotation of the pendular-like floor was sent into limbo, slow motion entrapped and encompassed every action… everything was so slow I could practically see the air rush in and out of his nostrils – virtually!

He walked like an astronaut on the moon, so slow, so slow that every wince, and wink was eminent from a distance, I am not sure what I did while I saw all these please do not ask me, maybe I stood there mouth ajar and drooling – I trust myself, I can make a real beef of myself like no other 😳  😳

I followed his bodywork to the counter as he leant in and ordered his drinks… I dared my nostrils not to let me down, but from that distance I could smell a strong cologne that left me sniffing in his direction to be sure it was he’s … embarrassed not to look towards his direction, my eyes screeched to a fast halt, I just starred at the group of people dancing by the bar like I knew them (Where???) – I did a circular motion of the room to make sure that no woman was heading his direction nor was he meeting someone there – reassuringly enough he was all alone, there was no sign of a date – but who was I kidding!!! HE was a MAHHHNNNN.

His presence … Disturbingly awakening… whatever this perfume was should be banned from human existence, its one of those scents that make you see one thing and one only – a naked man… I am not sure how perfume companies do it, but they are out to destroy women and vice versa.

I had to get to the counter , I had to get his attention so I  danced closer and asked a few friends what they wanted from the bar, sincerely I have never been that generous and intrigued a few of them found it ridiculous and laughed off my offer , I was making useless chit chat with my eye on the game, I beelined my way like Husain-bolting and spider-womaned myself through the crowds to the bar before his next move changed –  to get his attention and found a reason to approach the counter.

My dreams had suddenly left my head, mind and pillow and was sitting right in front of me in a night Club, Sweet dreams or beautiful nightmare but it was right here… So I decided on a louder voice and sexier accent to place an order – for the drinks and for his attention – ‘waiter, I need two shots’  with loads of ice to calm the fire in me right now was all the words running through my mind …

‘Waiter can I have the usual… Make it slightly stronger and dirty…dirty martini…’ I winked and from the corner of my eyes could tell that he was staring at me, I almost shouted ‘thank you Cupido’ (did I actually say dirty martini? what the hell is that and how does it taste?)- my spiritual being was pushing his spiritual being to take a dive in the pool of my presence with all his clothing on… I pushed and pushed him.. And bammmmmmmmmm!! He fell with a splish splash splosh…




On Purfect^Escape we seek to create an avenue for laughter, banter and fun with a very realist undertone that plays and informative, educative and asseverative role in the society and the milieu within which we operate on the world wide web.

Letters 01

“Letters to African Men” is the latest addition to our range of educative categories from the women folk amongst who we interact on a quotidian basis – the facts are real and the message is as direct and concise to make sure it hits home just like we intend.

We learn from talking and sharing our experiences and together this is verbalised in a weekly newsletter entitled ‘Letters to African Men’  we prefer to deal with who we know and who we share our lives with and look up to or down on – as sons, brothers and fathers.

This series of letters is not limited to the menfolk from AFRICA only – we are referring to you married to African women, you dating one or any man out there that this speaks to. Take 5 minutes of your time and follow LTM on www.dorothydiamond.london and we guarantee you will learn a thing or two and maybe teach us a thing or two as well, read- digest and pay attention, It will be constructive to get your inputs and comments about the things African Women vocalise and need you to react to.

Enjoy !!



Quote on Wife material from “The Salon”

 Before, a woman’s identity was shaped by how she was connected to her family, first as a daughter, then as wife and mother. Now she often has a period of single independence. And being in such a period, as a 20-something single woman, I attest that it can feel both exhilarating and tempestuous, as thrillingly liberating as it is often lonely, surprising, blissful and straight-up mundane

Phils choice2

“Cindy I can’t deal with this anymore I have booked a flight to Cameroon to see what’s going on… “

Naddy sat at the COSTA with her best friend Cindy moaning about Phil, the thing she had recently done so consistently that Cindy lost all techniques of reasoning with her bestie. So she let her bear her mind just in case it will make her feel some sense of relief or closure in the fact that it may truly be the end of a fairy tale relationship between her and her Phil – there was no encouraging any conflation between reality and hopes – she wasn’t a party to lalalandish tales.

“It’s been over 7months since Phillips left me here in London I have no clue what’s running through his mind… He left unpaid bills our joint DirectDebits and other commitments – he calls me once a week and is so passive – so brief – like he saw me yesterday, he barely says I love you or even I miss you… I have had it…”

“ I have heard the reputation or Cameroon women when they get their claws into one’s man… I am thinking this is a clear case…. How can he be so nonchalant what on earth is he thinking… what could be making him so content in my absence that he barely says anything romantic – at all, I even try sexting him try to get him engage in something worth warming him up but the simplest nicest response I get is ‘oh babe don’t worry soon…’ – who says that to a woman who texts her man late at night saying ‘baby I miss you wish you were here right now I am so horny’ who says that really who ????? what on earth do the ellipsis in the text mean , is it so hard for him to elaborate his feeling or even respond appropriately – what can I do? oh Cindy, this is the first and only man I have ever loved – how can I get him back, what if it’s another woman – what if’s,,,,

“Calm Down Naddy… Going to Cameroon is a great idea but where will you start? Do you want to make a spectacle of yourself?  you do not know where he lives talk less where to find him… He may be having difficulty settling down and for all you know he may be on his way to see you soon. Speak to him first I suggest then if nothing else looks convincing I’ll let you go then.

Nadia was reeling from the pain of Phil’s negligence…



All we can say for now is that there’s no doubt these two- Khloe and James Harden are enjoying each other’s company, but they’re in no rush to get into a serious relationship right this second.

Eeeerrrrmmmmmmm – what’s serious and what’s not with sweating together already? working out together, being together all the time, flirty and all the whole 9 yards – I want to \VORM/ – Khloe get it together once a fool twice hard to recuperate babes !!

Khloe-Kardashian-Rick-Fox-James-Harden Khloe Khloe1


Mr Scott Disick leaves his Fiancee Kourtney Kardashian – Remember her right ? the one that pulled her own baby out of her coochie on live TV and all she said was awwww so cute ! the emotionless stoic biggest sister to all the Kardashian klan- Ok this is her ~ Fiancee forever they have three kids and now he is hanging out with his Ex – Chloe Bartoli and can’t keep his hands off her – yet speculations remain they may just be friends – seriously – or like snoop doggy would say -fo-shizzle?


We cannot take our eyes off this pictures and we know Kourt – she will just get angry and have another baby or get Scott to move out or shave her pubic hair on live TV – that’s how weird she is we cannot predict her reaction to this news because she has none.

scott scott3 scott4 scott6