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A fan goes to the point of making accusatory remarks that Camille needs to answer for the allegations against her husband, she is being treated as an accomplice to rape.

Seriously when is it a woman’s prerogative to know that her husband is making rapists activity style attacks like guerrilla warfare on other women in a hotel room drunk or alive??? How is Camille part of something that knowingly or unknowingly agreed mutually or not by two grown ass consenting adults?

seven of the women accusing bill subpoenaed his wife Camille to attest to the fact that she had no idea of his actions _ how ridiculous is this case turning into?

Well , we hate to see comments like these but we want to reiterate that as long as the culprit has not been found guilty – all guns blazing people do not pull the trigger please!



FILE - In this Nov. 6, 2014 file photo, entertainer Bill Cosby and his wife Camille laugh as they tell a story about collecting one of the pieces in the upcoming exhibit, "Conversations: African and African-American Artworks in Dialogue," at the Smithsonian's National Museum of African Art in Washington. Camille Cosby released a statement on Monday, Dec. 15, 2014 in support of her husband. The statement is the first public comment from Cosby's long-time wife since a wave of sexual assault allegations began swirling several weeks ago. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)


“She’s such a dumb woman, despite her so-called intelligence. She moved the family to Massachusetts to ‘get him away from temptation’, because apparently it was all those women throwing themselves at him that made him cheat (which is her version of what went on). She seems unable to see that every time he stuck his dick into someone outside the marriage it was his choice. No one ‘made’ him do it. I hate the line of thinking that says someone is able to ‘lure’ another. Or that something at home ‘made’ them do it. Nope, nope, nope. You’re a grown-assed adult and if you choose to break the agreement you made with your significant other, rather than choosing other options in order to get your needs met then you’re fully responsible, no one else.

Oh, and he’s a rapist so all of that means dog shit at the end of the day.


Sugarbelly now a blogger and 26 is recounting vividly how the governor’s son she fell in love with raped her endlessly for over 6months, she managed to break free,  made for the United  states and still couldn’t shake off the ordeal ended up suicidal and on anti-depressants… Her blog Sugarbelly has been plagued with insults and statements of doubts by members of the public.

Something just doesn’t tie and as a woman I am so inclined to believe and stand by SugarBelly, but there are a few questions I want to ask her

  1. How come you never told anyone, I know this question is a cliche but where is your mother where are all the women in your life that you let a group of men ‘foolish’ you to this extent! (that’s how my grandma calls sex/rape or whatever men do to women. she didn’t care if it was love as long as you two were unmarried you have been foolished 😳
  2. Rumour has it that your mum’s  boyfriend raped you too _ Haba! this girl I cannot deal at all with this I am going insane on your behalf
  3. You refer to the actions as fuck, fuck and fuck again, seriously get a PR officer to help you out , these guys if they actually did this didn’t fuck you, they raped molested and almost killed you, at no point in time should you be using any form of sexually appealing language,  what they did if they did it is RAPE full stop, unless you all were acting some sort of 1million shades of nasty – this needs to be called rape every moment you open your mouth!
  4. SugarBelly Honey social media is only fueling the flames of your story and drawing a map of the world with their opinions, take this to any legal heights you can and get it sorted, this back and forth banter is not working at all for Purfect~Escape
  5. All these guys involved are saying the same story, is it possible to locate any lady or women who could have been in same place as you at the time, a sisterhood bond over an issue like this is very powerful, get someone to corroborate this story or confirm these men did same to them, with what you have described, they are serial molesters they will surely have other victims 😈
  6. You also state that he recorded a couple of nude videos of the rape and pictures of you nude but he denies that technology was not that advanced and he could not have had anything other than naked pictures you sent him _ this is the reason you kept going back for fear he will publish these pictures. Did you ever try, and did he threaten to do so, those were the proofs you could have given the people around you, oh lord I am torn…this is devastating at 17 this must have been a nightmare, I  have been 17 and that was my best age, I was so loved and protected, but I could report _ even my mother was terrified when I opened my mouth! I feel like every 17-year-old should be this vocal how did this happen for so long ?????

We have esteemed respect and support for women going through situations like these in life and by all means love to bring your story to the Vox Popolli courts of social media , and that is why you are now reading this , make up your mind and leave us advice on how to understand and help SUGARBelly_ in the meantime visit her blog and read her story and also she is an amazing artists buy her phone cases and handbags HERE

One of her accused assailants Mustapha Audu in an interview stated when asked by BN how he and his family apparently his newly wedded wife of 6 years are dealing with SugarBelly’s accusations, he said;

Of course it’s very hard. We are mourning. She’s been releasing these this for a while. She’s been doing this for a while but my family has kept quiet all along because we know the truth. Yes, some of my family members are really shaken right now. We are grieving. I have just been orphaned. I loved my dad. My dad is a hero. Anybody from Kogi State knows that. Look at his burial. How many people have received his burial? Look at the whole country? If we were such wicked people, if my dad was a monster, would people react? There was a rumour that my dad had risen. If you saw the people the way they were praying and rejoicing. And now this girl has used this unfortunate incident to capitalize in painting my family as evil


The Accused Leader of the Pack and his bride







Audu-Rape-Disclosure2-1024x570 Audu-Rape-Disclosure1-1024x551



These are supposed text messages and emails from SugarBelly To the man she is accusing 6 years later, which she still insists are bourn out of fear for a man who has molested her and made her life hell!!

Sugabelly-Rape-Email-3 untitled2


We have esteemed respect and support for women going through situations like these in life and by all means love to bring your story to the Vox Popoli courts of social media, that is why you are now reading this , make up your mind and leave us advice on how to understand and help SugarBelly In the meantime visit her blog and read her story, she is an amazing artist too see/buy her phone cases and handbags HERE.

We keep our eyes on this story and will update you as we progress!



Dr Sonnet Ehlers recently upgraded the former Rape-X to Rape- Axe, a rubber device designed to catch a rapist’s dick in its Velcro-like network of hooks. This has, naturally, spawned some debate, about why women should be the ones walking around in this mini monster and if the man is violent and kills his victim what will the Rape-AXe then do, cut off the man’s dick…

My mum always made a joke about the tortoise anus being able to lock anything inside it and maybe cut it off, that is the only invention God maybe should have added on women to make life easy. A kind of trap that a rapist could turn around and beg when his useless heartless penis is trapped and cut into chunks, maybe make the process a little like a blender and just blend the penis to pieces so that it can no longer be sutured back on! (errrmmm I need to come back to the blog because my hatred for rapists just took over me now! ) 😳  👿

The rape-axe is a latex sheath embedded with shafts of sharp, inward-facing barbs. It is designed to be worn by a woman in her vagina like a female condom. If an attacker was to attempt vaginal rape, his penis would enter the latex sheath and be snagged by the barbs, causing the person excruciating pain during withdrawal and hopefully giving the victim time to escape. The condom would remain attached to the man’s body and could only be removed by a doctor, which would alert hospital staff and police.

Imagine!! One has to start looking at scars on this things because for this to be possible it means a vigilant woman can catch an ex-rapist from the scars on his penis. Well, it’s always been about poor women, making sure they are not raped, dressing decent, walking in pairs, being in the right place at the right time what on earth are these rapists blamed for again? _ taking off their trousers I guess? :roll:  :roll:

Please, I will wear this if only it is the last thing I need in a war situation, this foreign object in one’s body may have its own issue, women are too delicate for all this madness, Please rapists get a grip of your dicks!

Or we will be inventing a dick shredder, you decide.

Ladies would you wear a Rape_AXe
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The nightmare of Rape is something any woman, parent and clear thinking man will shun immediately – it’s a picture that paints the most gruesome state of helplessness and dehumanisation of a woman/man talk less of a child _ courtesy of BELLA NAIJA we share this story – one story of the ALJAZEERA rape victims!!

A nonstop litany and punishment assumed to be a form of torture meted on Men in times of war is one of the most common forms of rape (who would have known?) – a staggering fact and reality which has left even the UN under suspicion of overlooking the crime.

After reading/watching such a vile sadistic tale what kind of punishment do you think rapists in Africa should be given – it looks like legally the avenue is unresponsive or the sentencing trails like a leaky bucket until the culprits go unpunished _ does the story below strike you like something that deserves more than Jail – the video attached is an inside report from Aljazeera – watch with caution but it will leave you reeling in pain and mental hurt?

Add your comments or suggestions so we can create better avenues of support for our communities before all our girl children walk around with fistula’s or end 6 feet under. 😥 (weeping) _ As for these crimes against Men (befuddled) – I lack words!

Mercy’s Story

Then Mercy begins to recount her story.

She was six years old when it happened and living in Benue state, in the north-central region of the country.

One day she returned from school with three friends. A 17-year-old male cousin had been harassing her, and that night he brought four other men to the house. For Mercy, everything from the moment he began to rape her is a blur.

Her next memory is of waking up in the hospital the following day, and being told what had happened.

All of the girls were raped, possibly multiple times by more than one of the attackers, but Mercy does not know for sure because she blacked out. One of her friends did not survive; another died last year as a result of the injuries she sustained on that night. Mercy and one other girl are now the only survivors.

She had to leave school because of the fistula that developed resulting from the attack. Doctors had told her that she was too young to undergo the restorative surgery known as VVF. And, unable to afford adult diapers, she must rely on cloth to soak up the waste that leaks from her.

“The thing [the fistula] always disgraces me,” she says







bill bill2


The fear of south African women is the beginning of wisdom for most men after recent happenings. As reported by the independent below :

South African police have opened an investigation after a man was kidnapped and raped by three women who collected his semen before dumping their victim.

The unidentified 33-year-old man was reportedly bundled into the back of a black BMW at gunpoint after he gave the three women directions when they pulled over in the Kwazakhele Township, Port Elizabeth.

The women failed to arouse the man during the course of the journey, instead forcing him to drink an “unknown substance” before reportedly individually raping him and placing his semen into plastic bags, storing them in a cooler box.

Afterwards they allegedly ejected the man from the car, approximately 500km from where he was originally picked up, the Mail Online reports.

Does any man need a bodyguard?

Credit to “the independent”