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According to the now-retired prison guard, O.J. opened up about rumours he had an affair with Kris and told him: “I would never do that to my friend Bob. I would never tap Kris.”

This guy called OJ is so ghetto, who uses words like ”tap”? that aside, he insists he will never betray his best friend like that by sleeping with his wife the now Kris Jenner soon to be Kris Cory(Wedding rumours abound for Kris and her toy boy Cori)

In essence, he is stating that he is not the father of Khloe Kardashian especially after MUVA used their tiff as an opportunity to remind Khloe that she wasn’t a Kardashian. That was really low and we are glad the man in question is clearing this up.


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“Why are we taking all day son hurry up”

Desmond’s mum won’t stop calling and pestering him to drive with her to this funeral.

‘Des’ as everyone fondly called him was his mums only child, with one of the most successful well-known politicians in town. His popularity was not intentional, but because he bore a name which represented a whole political party simply meant he was the guy to hang around with and the one every girl desired. His dad was the kind of man you’d hear of but will never see – he was an enigma in the society and his mum was allegedly the only woman who had successfully kept him in check and the sole person who made him do anything out of his will. Hence people will queue at her office reception to get help with seeing her husband – she had morphed into his secretary gradually over time, something she wore with exhausted pride.

“Son come-on, seriously , WHY ARE YOU STILL WADDLING AROUND LIKE A PREGNANT HOSRE – I give you five more minutes, can we go now, we are running late, and i don’t want dad getting there before we do, you know how strict the protocol is.

Desmond had spent the whole night breaking dawn bringing the entire CITY CALYPSO club down. His entourage counted on him for endless rounds of whiskies, beers and of course the attraction of girls- it was a very lavish night out and he really had not recovered but the last thing he wanted was any kind of tongue lashing from his mother especially since he had barely four weeks to return to England and finish his Masters. He needed her support and her influence on the amount of money dad was to deposit in his account or the possibility of having a duplicate debit card to mums HSBC savings account in England.

The good thing about him is that he never disappointed when it came to excelling in his education, and that made his mum very – very generous.

—————————Mr BRIGGS———————

Mr Briggs knew for the first and the last time that he had failed in life greatly regardless of his wealth. He felt downcast as he stared at the close replica of his eyes staring at him emotionlessly, uttering no word. He knew he was wrong so he had to apologise and make every word count. He wanted to erase the past but 28 years felt like a lifetime of hurt that he did not know where to start. The shame and the pain counterbalanced his real emotion and he could barely tell if he made any impact but he cleared his throat and started …

“Son, my son find a place in your heart to forgive me will you? I was young and reckless and did not know the impact of my actions and could not take full responsibility.

“When I met your mother we were both young and innocent. She, a lot more and I can never forgive myself for ruthlessly stealing her youth and ignorance. We had an affaire, it was a fling and I thought she understood my stand about the relationship- so when she announced that she was pregnant, I panicked – I had a life ahead of me, my father had plans of sending me to study abroad and I had a serious relationship, we were already engaged to be married.