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In honour of the nonagenarian monarch, leading African ladies Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde and Joselyn Dumas were guests at events in honour of the Queen in Nigeria and Ghana respectively.

Just a little wonder if the requirements for being a female guest had anything to do with

  • ASS
  • Beauty
  • Brains
  • Charisma
  • Class
  • Eloquence
  • Another ASS – cos these two definitely have more than one each – dayum!!

In short show us that guest list –  but with utter certainty  – they didn’t invite any ‘mbweke to come and be feeling funky‘ on the monarch’s big day.

Happy birthday Ma Eli




Media outlets claim that ….

Fans of Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, have lambasted her recent look which according to a few, is chubbier than usual.

Claiming that the mother of four no longer deserves to be called ‘Omo Sexy’, some fans who took to the social media to comment on a recent picture of her, said she looks ‘pumped.’

The legendary thespian who was reportedly spotted at an event over the weekend, NollywoodNigeria claims was looking so chubby and her usual curves which instigated her name, ‘Omo Sexy’ were allegedly missing.



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When will the media learn to outgrow sensational-feud-seed-sowing reporting? How on earth?

From the inception of Nollywood movies, there has always been a place or time or good reason for actors and actresses to have a tiff now and again, but dragging this one between Omotola and Genevieve for over 15 years is heartless.

These are two leading ladies who in their own rights are an inspiration to a plethora of women the world over, there is no competition and no reason for that to be the case_ people please get your wits together nd stop the rumor mill from churning this balderdash 😳

Genevieve actually sent Omotola a birthday message to prove you all wrong and it read;

Happy birthday to the beautiful  one and only OMO SEXY 😛 


omotala and genevieve


Omotola won’t stop giving us a postnatal drool… It’s either her babies are so grown up you can’t bear but envy…

Or the confidence with which she says captain has never cheated on her in over twenty years of marraige- men are you all listening?

And even more when she confirms her daughter 2.4 million for the knorr cube advert…

Is there anything else this woman isn’t blessed with… It’s not chicken change omosexy you will make a good mommager we already see you transcending your fashion sense unto her with you two donning crop tops for the event…

CAPTAIN – YOU- lucky bustard!!


Meraiah-Ekeinde Omotola-Jalade-Ekeinde
Omotola and daughter Merreia on the set of Knorr


One of our strongest most iconic women, actress and mother of four Omotola Jalade was spotted in Moses Ebite’s Iconic Invanity designed capes also worn by one of the runway models.


Omotola attended this occasion as one of the special guests at the 25th African Union Summit in South Africa and was on a recommendation panel on Child marriage and crimes against Under aged children.

Is there any other  definition for a super woman? your dictionary will carry one pic amongst many and that is Omotola’s.




Meraiah Ekeinde and Omotola Jalade Ekeinde (4)


Omotola and daughter are the face and models of the household cooking seasoning KNORR cube..

Can we see how Omotola is imparting her skills in her beautiful grown up daughter… This is one strong woman for sure.

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Pure Heaven (1) - Omotola Jalade Ekeinde


Omotola as the face of a new brand of red wine… Great choice… This African Queen and Diva can sell plastic bags and they will run off the shelf in a marathon.

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