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She is so sleek and stunning that she will send many women cowering down the slopes with their tales between their legs, literally of course!

Born a man, s/he fled Nigeria when she realised her sexual orientation was going to be the end of her – she has won pageants and other beauty shows, and physically undergone gender reassignment !

Be candid – she looks good! 😳

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Let’s be candid if it came as a surprise please log off this blog now… I thought as much!! Anna Banna has spoken about the real reason they are no longer together , stating

“First of all,Flavour and I are no longer together. We are no longer together. I made this decision recently. I spoke to myself and decided it was time to move on and focus on my future and career. I never knew flavour was with another woman while we were dating. We started dating way before ‘Golibe was composed’. He never mentioned/admitted he had any relationship ties with anyone even after rumour had it that he was dating someone else and she was even pregnant for him. I believed him.”

“I am not a husband snatcher. I was just naive of a lot of things and every day I ask God to give me the wisdom to see well and make the right choices.”

FROM PURFECT ESCAPE _ My dear Anna, we will be praying with you and very diligently at that because the way  Nabania has completely refused to wear shirts these days is making it hard to be angry at him or even see better – so we will all close our eyes so we can support you. Fact is you made

Fact is you made the right decision for your sanity and peace of mind _ Plus you are way stunning than most women who stay in bad relationships for fear of not finding a man, you will find a man like NOW!!!




It is devastating to hear that a newly wed couple or anyone at all loses a pregnancy – but unfortunately, our Nollywood sweetheart Monalisa Chinda is in that predicament and is taking it all in a positive light see her remarks below _ WISHING YOU WELL AND A NEW BABY SOON MONA! 💡


 “Marriage has been so good we thank God. Definitely, I will have another child soon but only God can decide when that would happen,” she said. “My TV show has been distracting me so no movies for now. It hasn’t been easy at all. Besides, I have started working on my own movie productions and those are the ones I will be featuring on.

“Acting can’t just die like that. All I need do is to stabilize my TV show and once I am done with that, I will face my acting career squarely; I know this will definitely happen this year.’’


tiwa savage in dubai

A few people won’t stop gushing about how happy Tiwa looks lately in her updates and life in general … ambassadors of doom and gloom you all fed into the misery of this woman to the point of castigating her makeup in her crying video interview – now she is trying to pick up her pieces and move all y’all are up in her grill – ±WHY ???

Give Tiwa Savage some space people – her pain must be hers alone to understand and manage and if she is moving on good on her – see how good she looks at tools wedding in Dubai after all her wahala with her husband T-Billz whose true reason for all the drama can be seen/read here 

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The actress Christabel Goody really said that she is happy to see Ibinabo Fiberesima in Jail – she outlined her encounter with the veteran actress after her Vampire defining moment when she bit another actress and spat out the flesh!! (Help I can barely imagine but see picture below). Ibinabo on another hand now in jail has asked fellow Nigerians to pray for her as she has been unwell in jail – and we are hoping her case will be reviewed soon!


Christabelle explains that “My only regret is that I indulged her and I am not proud of it. But then with my age and the little number of years I have spent in the industry, I should be excused. Politicians fight every day, so I don’t see why I should be buried. I did not kill anybody. Ibinabo was accused of killing somebody and she was walking on the street, bragging before the law caught up with her. I believe that it is because she passed a wrong judgement against me that God is punishing her. Her ban against me was flimsy
and uncalled for even though it has been lifted by Emeka Ike.

“I was in her office and she told me that I was a very decent young lady from the way we were chatting, my lawyer was there and I am quoting her verbatim. She told me not to worry that the matter was just a fight between two people. She advised that I work on my temperament. She said that she would settle the matter and reverse the ban. She even went as far as taking me to the stadium where they had their veteran football competition and introduced me to the chairman, board of trustees and some directors. As she was introducing me, some of the men told me that I didn’t look the part of a fighter and that I should be more careful next time and avoid people who would trigger my anger. She promised the man that she would take control of the situation.

“She asked me to come to her office the next day and I was there with my lawyer, we waited for seven hours but Ibinabo refused to see me. She gave a flimsy excuse that the other actress was not available because she went to treat her wound. My lawyer was of the opinion that the other girl did not have to be there, that all Ibinabo should have done was to reconcile us and reverse the ban she placed on me. She is certainly paying for the
wickedness she meted out on me because God does not joke with me. I don’t go about looking for trouble; I live a very private life. I am not a saint but I try my best to help people.” The actress told Saturday Beats that nobody heard her side of the story yet they dubbed her a cannibal and Fiberesima placed a ban on her.



Seriously Jim Iyke has been AWOL and our best radars have been unable to spot him out and about lately – looks like the one-time bad boy unchained has turned a new leaf but even better a family man _ See a cut out of his message to his baby sister on her birthday!!

WoW – any adoption plans Jim? Adoptasister.com kind of tinz happening here!!




Omawumi shuts the hell outta sensational reporter of DA CHAT backhandedly trying a seed sowing technique in the name of rumour mongering-ly trying to clear the air – what air? – who put smoke for the air ? people una get una facts together oh!! This lady should lift up her right hand and slap her face – ahh wait! she may not need to, she may just be fired !!  😆  😆

To be Candid some questions need to be vetoed before asking – a slap on screen live may not be a bad idea sometimes – for real!! good job Omawumi!






This better be a big big Daymare – nightmare is very usual , please may this be a social-media-mare!


Tiwa-Savage2 don2


After all this rage she just released a new song entitled ”If I start to Talk” – with very powerful imagery of a woman’s leg suppressing a man under her wi8eght – a scene that looks strongly  like a regretful shag scene plus a complete extreme of her praising God.

Meanwhile others stars are reaching out to the couple like Banky W who wrote on Instagram asking Teebillz to call him, saying, “Bro, please PLEASE PLEASE CALL ME BACK. I know you’re reading this bro please call me back please. I love you and so does your wife and your kids. We can fix whatever it is or we can at least try. Please call me please.”

But looks like Tunji has spoken up and confirms his account was hacked “All the comment that was being made are not true and are not written by me Tunji Balogun,” he wrote on Twitter using the name @teebillztemp. “I am in the process of getting back my account and have contacted the appropriate authorities. All this writing is so not me. Read things I’ve written in the past, that’s not how I write.”

It’s shocking that a stranger will hack into T-Billz account and make such ridiculous utterances that actually have a close semblance to their real life – rumours had been in the grapevine that the house was on shaky ground – but the fact is which marriage is perfect ? if you know one give us a buzz – see a list of all the insulting things that we had to put our eyes throough in the name of hacking —– Celebs have mercy on us oh±!!