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UK Minister for International Development, Nick Hurd, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja that UK had a very long cordial relationship with Nigeria, stating – “The very long partnership between UK and Nigeria matters a great deal to us; even my Prime Minister has made it very clear that we stand shoulder to shoulder with Nigeria in the battle against Boko Haram. We understand how many thousands and millions of peoples’ lives have been devastated by the atrocities in the North East. We are determined to help our own friend and partner to defeat that barbaric group,” 


Cameroon has had the longest most cordial relationship with France – should we hope any further or should we just beg UK for same assistance – the last we checked American soldiers were on ground in Cameroon strategising – how is that coming up – can anyone give us updates about our country on the front of security apart from Facebook updates of our soldiers dying?

Many thanks !!!


We are very familiar with female sex workers – the oldest of all professions even in the bible, but to hear that Male sex workers are increasing in numbers, becoming more vocal, some of them are actually married men with women and children at home, and the HIV/AIDS prevalence amongst them is a significant 60% what can we make of such news.

THOUGH the trade is punishable by Cameroon penal code these workers are entitled to their human rights and need to be catered for by the state, especially when it comes to issues of health like HIV/AIDS ~  Who are we kidding Cameroon and Nigerian governments catering for WHO? … the world is in dire need to revisit its objectives – someone ring the Pope, that’s the only person I personally have faith in now… :-(

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The Cameroonian penal code punishes “sexual relations with a person of the same sex” with imprisonment of between six months and five years and a fine of up to 200,000 CAF francs ($410) – a huge sum in a country where the average monthly wage is around 50,000 CAF francs.

According to popular beliefs, homosexuality is either a spell put over people to bewitch them, a cult or a perversion. In public discourse, the French wordhomosexuel has come to mean all things evil, according to a 2010 Human Rights Watch report on rights abuses of the gay community in Cameroon.

Being a male sex worker is like a double curse. Stigma, violence and detention are widely reported. As a result, male sex workers operate in secrecy and their male clients are also forced underground. Some, like Aurélie, dress up as women and work on the streets. But many keep their masculine appearance. They seek their clients in snack bars and strip clubs.

“Fleur”, 32, a sex worker, says he’s bisexual with a preference for men. “Sometimes the police come to arrest us,” he says. “Girls are quickly freed but the treatment of men is different. The police beat us. They say it is to remove the demon of homosexuality in us. They make us sleep on the floor in the cells and only free us after tough negotiations.” As he tells his story, tears spill down his cheeks. “This hatred makes me sad. But I feel worse because discrimination is felt even in our families and in places such as schools and hospitals.”

53562476_24ce23cf06 male-sex-workers


The National Agency for the Control of AIDS, NACA, on Thursday revealed that no fewer than 3,500 male sex workers have been identified within the Abuja city center.

Expressing worry over the figure, NACA noted that over 60 per cent of the men were found to be married thereby raising concern of their spouses’ HIV status.

The Director-General of NACA, Professor John Idoko, made this known at a lecture to mark this year’s World AIDS Day in Abuja with the theme – Strategies for Ending AIDS in Nigeria by 2030. He explained that the agency is now targeting hot spots in its drive to ending the HIV epidemic.


THIS IS THE MOST HILARIOUS THING I HAVE SEEN IN A VERY LONG TIME _ is it the tenses or the fact that gender specifications are tossed all over the place making some of the men look like they are unconsciously gay or it’s actually true, I am weeping. It is so healing to know that men tremble at the face of chatting or toasting a woman this badly! Enjoy, this is genius!




Well, it is shocking to see that the immigration issue is the  UK Government’s top priority right now because of depleting economic and social atmosphere, but the mind joggler is how do you deport someone who is ill and whose best chances of surviving is staying here in the UK?

They are not a threat to the community in any way shape or form? I guess they are a threat to the health budget ~ sadly the rumour is true as the Nigerian ambassador confirms in the article below!

Anyone heard about Cameroon? please let us know.


The Acting high commissioner to the UK, Olukunle Akindele Bamgbose has revealed how the Nigerian Embassy in London is being asked (by the British Government) to help remove people who were sick, had immigration appeals outstanding, had no ties to Nigeria after living for many years in the UK and who in some cases were not even Nigerian.

He along with the Nigerian Embassy are coming under intense pressure from the Home Office to help pave the way for the deportation of an estimated 29,000 Nigerians believed to be living in Britain illegally, according to one of its most senior diplomats.

“It’s a big issue for us here at the embassy,” he said. “There are cases where people have been here for decades. Some of them are not even Nigerian: they came to Britain on false passports originally but the UK want us to accept them back to Nigeria. We are setting conditions because we have to protect our citizens.”

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Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered the arrest of his predecessor’s security adviser, for allegedly stealing some $2bn (£1.3bn). People did you all hear that amount of money collected by one individual? how greedy can our leaders be_ how much more have stolen this much, more, oe less  and cannot be accountable for their actions?

Sambo Dasuki is accused of awarding phantom contracts to buy 12 helicopters, four fighter jets and ammunition.The equipment was meant for the fight against Boko Haram Islamist militants. Soldiers have complained that despite the military’s huge budget, they were ill-equipped to fight.

He denies the allegations, and now is wanted by the president, Well it will be great to know where the funds for all the ammunition and equipments went to _ and we hope other African countries will copy from Buhari -. With all due respect leaders like this make the aspiring generations think of one thing only

”Goat di chop na for where them tie e” in essence embezzle. A mentality which is pretty much keeping Africa in the rot it finds itself with little or no hope for the future!

President Buhari should have a talk with his comrades and maybe teach them some of his strategies and policies ~ from where I am seeing , the boss ain’t smiling one bit and I am loving him!


La belle dame sans Merci is onto its next victim!! He vehemently refused taking drugs or anything remotely hazy – but the evidence is clear, rumours have it that he is roaming the streets and begging and is not in his right mind – what a shame  – reminds us of Whitney Houston rest her soul.

Is there any thread of hope for this iconic reggae singer from the heart of African reggae country Nigeria? He looks gaunt !!!

majec2 majeck


Finally, President-elect now president sworn-in of the most populous country in West Africa Nigeria has moved into the Asso-Rock. He is surrounded by so many guards but who are we kidding? did anyone see the guard in headscarf and glasses? that is the guard we all should watch out for – behind every successful man is a woman, this one is a powerhouse we have to emulate.

His swearing in was basically one of the most smooth transitions in the history of African politics thanks to the charm, personality and level headed gracious nature of his predecessor Goodluck Jonathan. Buhari made a remarkable speech but didn’t forget to show what a well read man he was by quoting Shakespeare as –


Our situation somehow reminds one of a passage in Shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar
There is a tide in the affairs of men which,
taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life,
Is bound in shallows and miseries.

We have an opportunity. Let us take it.

Thank you

Muhammadu Buhari
President Federal Republic of NIGERIA
and Commander in-chief-of the Armed forces



1I have profound respect for women who marry men in power. If we are vigilant enough we will realize that most of these women were part of these men’s lives way before they became anything to write home about.

Powerful educated women have a certain hold over the success of their husband- that i see in Mrs latest first lady of Nigeria plus the bonus of her eloquence and good looks .

Welcome ‘Mi lady’ , the list is endless but lets start with Boko Haram – i know you can drive the agenda of peace and  protection for the lives of women and children who are vulnerable in times of strife. Give us some update on the 200 missing girl, who if we are actually going by the news from every angle may be less than 200 now plus a few babies and counting pregnancies (pass me a sick bucket)

The endless bloodshed is actually real – no longer a game or a distant fuzzy concoction for political gains. Women and children are dying, while young men and old men sit in the corners of their straw houses and mansions, conjuring war for innocent family heads and beloved sons & husbands of women.