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Pic Credit – Pinterest

Deconstruct life piece by piece
From the core essence of creation
When power was bestowed upon a HE
To lead and to rule
To be the head and not the tail
To be man
Called man
Ah! when a man leads his family and his world
No matter how small – a man, a warrior to his followers
‘Who said a prophet is not known in his home?’
I dare you to challenge a man in his territory
Utter annihilation – Yet deprecated rage is all they are left with
Uncomparable tenure and strength – in the face of iron curtains
Man oh Man!
Today men flee
They can no longer be men as designed by the creator
Men take their families into the jaws of death
Men are helpless in the face of wars
Men are helpless in the face of political laws
Men beg for bread – Men grow more beards
Men lose their identity
Men’s children have no identity
Men deconstructed – Men fractured
Men no longer men
In front of their families, those they are meant to protect
They hopelessly wait – For a free passage or death
THEY wait and CRY!

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