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This catwalk beauty with timeless age and grace has welcomed her 4th Child with her hedge fund hubby who happens to be her 3rd husband.



This woman owns an empire of fashion and designer everything, she is a media mogul she is a mother – does this sound like the women we’d love to emulate? my answers is hell yes- Fat chance we will marry three times but seriously a successful woman in this day and age is an asset.

Congratulation KIMORA – you remain an ultimate idol.




Amira was the best thing that ever happened to Tonia. For a decade they had been friends and pretty much loved each other so affectionately you could liken them to lesbians- each one’s character greatly affected the other and the truth is they were pretty much contagious.

Today it took every will in the book for Amira to hear her friend broken down and pretty much helplessly beaten by her emotions over the phone. Ami could only stand stoic at the salon as she listened to her friend recount the story of how her fiancée had broken their engagement only six months into and cancelled the wedding.

‘Ami oh Ami you need to get a ticket and come over – I cannot even deal with this now, I cannot take it’ said Tonia, ‘what am I going to say to my parents, to the whole world after we threw such an elaborate engagement party in front of over 400 guests? This is not happening, this isn’t just happening – please Ami come over call him if you can, just locate him and let me know if you know where he is at all” cried Tonia.

Ami responded down the reciever with her usual confident and carefree manner just so her friend Tonia can feel a little relief. The tension she could feel oozing from the voice on the other end – the pain Tonia was feeling right now was something Ami could not bear. She had made an elaborate speech at their engagement party that made people both jealous and sad and yet cheerful. In the end she had walked up to Dan and said to him
‘Mister this girl is my homie and my bestie – if you ever think of hurting her then you have me to contend with. I will politely chop off your balls and pound them in the fufu motar’ she was so serious she only noticed she was wagging her finger at him to the stares of their guests and parents.



Seriously something is wrong with the Kardashian sister’s genes. Its like everything butt and lips for them progresses with age. As much as we adore seeing them on our entertainment segment KUWTK, asses and lips like these make us worry about what could potentially  happen in a few more years.


Should we call 911 and ask for a standby ambulance just in-case there is an ASS-cident? let us know please , that is why we are your loyal fans.