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The Story behind the Photo above is from Bella Naija who reached out to the make-up artist who pretty much performed a random act of kindness.

Makeup artist Zuzu was in a salon when she spotted a young lady. The pretty young woman had burn scars on her face and body. Zuzu spoke to her and during their conversation, she revealed that she had survived a gas explosion.

She had gone into the kitchen and did not realize there was gas leakage. Once turned on the stove and lit a match, there was a huge explosion. The brave young lady survived this devastating experience.

After they spoke, Zuzu asked if she could make her over. She said yes. They decided on a bridal inspired makeover and you can see the results below.

The picture has left  readers pretty much in tears, It’s easy to cry when a girl uses a cutlass to measure her eye brown before drawing them or wearing makeup so obvious you think their faces weigh a little extra. This time we actually had a good reason to cry. Thanks for brightening this young lady’s day _thank you who ever you are!