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Nothing really matters
I don’t really care
What nobody tell me
I’m gonna be here
It’s a matter of extreme importance
My first teenage love affair



Nene cried herself to sleep listening over and over to Miss Alicia Keys. It was so Creed- it was all Creed. He loved this song to bits. The first time they hooked up in high school she knew nothing about love – she had just met this amazing guy in the same grade and suddenly his presence made her uneasy – she and her group of friends cherished his company more than anything in the world. Something about him was different and very attractive but they all knew the boundaries – if the man didn’t make a move it was a disgrace for a woman to do so, that was the era of her teenage innocent years… So she watched him and she waited, as the days went by she could tell without being told that she had for the first time in her life fallen in love!

Though in the same school, attending a few joint classes, he was science inclined so he spent a lot of his time in the science laboratory with the other cool in-the-know guys who were mutual friends to her group of friends. His name was Creed – not knowing how much he intrigued her and her group of friends he led his activities with very little invitation of anyone in his private space. He was like a demi-god to them. They all loved him and they knew it and talk about it to one another wondering if he will make a move and to who, in a group of five, three were single and all three equally stunning – no one had the courage to tell him how they felt, so they all tiptoed around him all through the first term.

The following term, Nene had basically grown out of expectation and rather moved to the anticipation stage – and her return to school was all about seeing Creed again. Rumour had it he had returned to the US but a close friend confided in Nene it was a holiday – so imagine her excitement when he was the first thing she saw on day one on campus heading to the office with a male elder – possibly his father!

He had lived his life abroad and loved hip-hop and R&B so he walked around campus, Walkman tucked into his jacket pocket and headphones on bobbing his head and hobbling to whatever tune he was listening to. By disciplinary standards that was so wrong but in another universe it made him cooler and different and the defiance on his face something more of a scornful snobbery stare that sets any of them straight and giddy at the same time – Creed!

Nene was shocked when she got her very first note from him… – it was expected as their eyes had caught a few times along the space between breakfast and lunch chats in a different kind of way… Like uneasy but yet heart warming – she thought and believed they had a connection – the note was handed to her by his best buddy Chad who had told her he went on a vacation and not relocation. She feigned being sick just to rush back to the dormitory and read the note in a quite private space – unfortunately, the letter made no sense, he was talking about his jeep and cars that he wanted to ride in… That threw Nene off.






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There is something about bad boys that can’t let Rihanna rest until she has tied her legs around them… We mean literally – like her sandals.  😆

Travis Scott – is her latest crush and there is no letting up with the dates and PDA displays to tell us otherwise…

Rihanna has got this one in the bag… Man dah’wun!! Rumpompompom Rumpompompom Rumpompompom… Man downnnn!!!

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I would tell you that I love you tonight
But I know that I got time on my side
Where you going
Why you leaving so soon?
Is there somewhere else that is better for you

What is love if you’re not here with me
What is love if it’s not guaranteed
What is love if it just ups and leaves
What is love if you’re not here no more
What is love if you’re not really sure
What is love
What is love

Told myself I wouldn’t cry when you’re gone
But I know its easier said than done
Look at me, look at me
Choked up now
Trying to tell you but it won’t come out

What is love if you’re not here with me
What is love if it’s not guaranteed
What is love if it just ups and leaves
What is love if you’re not here no more
What is love if you’re not really sure
What is love if it just ups and goes

I can’t live without ya (I can’t live without ya)
I can’t live with ya (I can’t live with ya)
What goes around will come right back around
You won’t know til it hits ya
We were suppose to be (an empire)
It was suppose to be (an empire)
We were suppose to be an empire

What is love if you’re not here with me
What is love if it’s not guaranteed
What is love if it just ups and leaves
What is love
What is love if you’re not really sure
What is love if it just ups

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Hawt Summer!!


When he walked through the smoky glass doors, the spinning floors of the 20th Avenue OBAR nightclub became a lot slower than I imagined… As I danced my way into the night the moment held a terrible stillness … The rotation of the pendular-like floor was sent into limbo, slow motion entrapped and encompassed every action… everything was so slow I could practically see the air rush in and out of his nostrils – virtually!

He walked like an astronaut on the moon, so slow, so slow that every wince, and wink was eminent from a distance, I am not sure what I did while I saw all these please do not ask me, maybe I stood there mouth ajar and drooling – I trust myself, I can make a real beef of myself like no other 😳  😳

I followed his bodywork to the counter as he leant in and ordered his drinks… I dared my nostrils not to let me down, but from that distance I could smell a strong cologne that left me sniffing in his direction to be sure it was he’s … embarrassed not to look towards his direction, my eyes screeched to a fast halt, I just starred at the group of people dancing by the bar like I knew them (Where???) – I did a circular motion of the room to make sure that no woman was heading his direction nor was he meeting someone there – reassuringly enough he was all alone, there was no sign of a date – but who was I kidding!!! HE was a MAHHHNNNN.

His presence … Disturbingly awakening… whatever this perfume was should be banned from human existence, its one of those scents that make you see one thing and one only – a naked man… I am not sure how perfume companies do it, but they are out to destroy women and vice versa.

I had to get to the counter , I had to get his attention so I  danced closer and asked a few friends what they wanted from the bar, sincerely I have never been that generous and intrigued a few of them found it ridiculous and laughed off my offer , I was making useless chit chat with my eye on the game, I beelined my way like Husain-bolting and spider-womaned myself through the crowds to the bar before his next move changed –  to get his attention and found a reason to approach the counter.

My dreams had suddenly left my head, mind and pillow and was sitting right in front of me in a night Club, Sweet dreams or beautiful nightmare but it was right here… So I decided on a louder voice and sexier accent to place an order – for the drinks and for his attention – ‘waiter, I need two shots’  with loads of ice to calm the fire in me right now was all the words running through my mind …

‘Waiter can I have the usual… Make it slightly stronger and dirty…dirty martini…’ I winked and from the corner of my eyes could tell that he was staring at me, I almost shouted ‘thank you Cupido’ (did I actually say dirty martini? what the hell is that and how does it taste?)- my spiritual being was pushing his spiritual being to take a dive in the pool of my presence with all his clothing on… I pushed and pushed him.. And bammmmmmmmmm!! He fell with a splish splash splosh…



Quote on Wife material from “The Salon”

 Before, a woman’s identity was shaped by how she was connected to her family, first as a daughter, then as wife and mother. Now she often has a period of single independence. And being in such a period, as a 20-something single woman, I attest that it can feel both exhilarating and tempestuous, as thrillingly liberating as it is often lonely, surprising, blissful and straight-up mundane

Phils choice2

“Cindy I can’t deal with this anymore I have booked a flight to Cameroon to see what’s going on… “

Naddy sat at the COSTA with her best friend Cindy moaning about Phil, the thing she had recently done so consistently that Cindy lost all techniques of reasoning with her bestie. So she let her bear her mind just in case it will make her feel some sense of relief or closure in the fact that it may truly be the end of a fairy tale relationship between her and her Phil – there was no encouraging any conflation between reality and hopes – she wasn’t a party to lalalandish tales.

“It’s been over 7months since Phillips left me here in London I have no clue what’s running through his mind… He left unpaid bills our joint DirectDebits and other commitments – he calls me once a week and is so passive – so brief – like he saw me yesterday, he barely says I love you or even I miss you… I have had it…”

“ I have heard the reputation or Cameroon women when they get their claws into one’s man… I am thinking this is a clear case…. How can he be so nonchalant what on earth is he thinking… what could be making him so content in my absence that he barely says anything romantic – at all, I even try sexting him try to get him engage in something worth warming him up but the simplest nicest response I get is ‘oh babe don’t worry soon…’ – who says that to a woman who texts her man late at night saying ‘baby I miss you wish you were here right now I am so horny’ who says that really who ????? what on earth do the ellipsis in the text mean , is it so hard for him to elaborate his feeling or even respond appropriately – what can I do? oh Cindy, this is the first and only man I have ever loved – how can I get him back, what if it’s another woman – what if’s,,,,

“Calm Down Naddy… Going to Cameroon is a great idea but where will you start? Do you want to make a spectacle of yourself?  you do not know where he lives talk less where to find him… He may be having difficulty settling down and for all you know he may be on his way to see you soon. Speak to him first I suggest then if nothing else looks convincing I’ll let you go then.

Nadia was reeling from the pain of Phil’s negligence…



Amira was the best thing that ever happened to Tonia. For a decade they had been friends and pretty much loved each other so affectionately you could liken them to lesbians- each one’s character greatly affected the other and the truth is they were pretty much contagious.

Today it took every will in the book for Amira to hear her friend broken down and pretty much helplessly beaten by her emotions over the phone. Ami could only stand stoic at the salon as she listened to her friend recount the story of how her fiancée had broken their engagement only six months into and cancelled the wedding.

‘Ami oh Ami you need to get a ticket and come over – I cannot even deal with this now, I cannot take it’ said Tonia, ‘what am I going to say to my parents, to the whole world after we threw such an elaborate engagement party in front of over 400 guests? This is not happening, this isn’t just happening – please Ami come over call him if you can, just locate him and let me know if you know where he is at all” cried Tonia.

Ami responded down the reciever with her usual confident and carefree manner just so her friend Tonia can feel a little relief. The tension she could feel oozing from the voice on the other end – the pain Tonia was feeling right now was something Ami could not bear. She had made an elaborate speech at their engagement party that made people both jealous and sad and yet cheerful. In the end she had walked up to Dan and said to him
‘Mister this girl is my homie and my bestie – if you ever think of hurting her then you have me to contend with. I will politely chop off your balls and pound them in the fufu motar’ she was so serious she only noticed she was wagging her finger at him to the stares of their guests and parents.



It could have taken him 12 lives like a cat to die …for he believed in his own infallibility and it betrayed him

He saw his life flash before his eyes as he lay on the muddy soil, the earth where his umbilical cord was planted, he was no stranger to this land but today he stood out a pariah. He had known too many people , he was a very popular person better still a local hero and all that meant nothing today, his popularity had nothing to do with his predicament, this day was bound to come. Yet when he lay dying the echo’s of the wind called on other things and not the people he knew. the wind sang his crimes, his betrayal, failures, dirty wealth and his legacy as a colossal failure to his family. How did he get here, his thoughts drifted as his life ebbed away his death was eminent.

Suddenly the revering voice of the mob brought him back to life and to his predicament.
”kill him burn him
”Lynch him and let the dogs eat his flesh”
The mob yelled – no mercy – there was no mercy

The pain in his head was unbearable but the stab wounds in his chest and lower belly were way past painful, they were killing him. Yes that’s what will kill him if the crowd did not rush him to the hospital…he lay there and listened to the voices fading and cascading a very dirge-y feeling, bemoaning a recap of his funeral. A few onlookers who knew better than to intervene with what the vigilantes had decided was the new rule of the land stood adrift with unreadable facial expressions – neither sorrow nor joy for his predicament. Perchance he could have redeemed his life months ago if he had made himself part of this group, but instead he dragged his feet knowing the source of his wealth will be unearthed easily, so he contented himself with self glorified accolades of a White goods importer/trades man with friends in high places.

Ten feet away a mother slumped into the muddy earth, holding unto other women , wailing, a very dry raspy rubbery cry that could barely be heard from the strain in her throat. It took her every will to cry but she cried, that was all she could do as a mother, watching her son being slaughtered by the crowd for being something she knew nothing about. As a single parent she contributed and invested nothing but good in his life, good manners, education, food on the table, clothes on his back, borrowing when she could barely afford a meal or school fees, but as a mother her aspirations were ever high, ever high for the day her son will become the man she dreamed of him.

Today she stood and watched all her hard work dissipated with no pity, no mercy. Her womb ached and her veins throbbed and pulsated from the struggle and strain of trying to reach her son. Yes! she now knew exactly what Mary felt watching her son Jesus’ Crucifixion, but at least Jesus was crucified for the good of the humanity, what was her son being murdered for ? she reached out her hand but could only grab the wind and for a moment their eyes met- she could read her son, her baby , and his eyes screamed HELLPPPPP! she was helpless as she watched the leader of the vigilante cast a huge car tire over her only son and demanded for fuel- she screamed so loud, buried her head into her thigh so deep she could smell the dampness of her femininity and the source of her pain, she sobbed so intensely that the source of her tears felt like pulling water from a drought battered earth…

Time had passed and he must have slipped in and out of consciousness, when he awoke. his first reaction was to flinch from the pain on his right side , he reached out to feel his abdomen where the pain was coming from but his hands could barely stretch, then he saw the handcuffs. He had been handcuffed to a bed, a hospital bed and there was no one else in the room. He knew he was naked for there were no clothes underneath him but the cold caress of rumpled sheets with the logo ‘general hospital’.

The pain suddenly meant nothing, his mother probably had managed to get the police there on time to take him off the hands of the vigilantes, there was no other explanation for going scout free this time around. He decided against calling out because he barely had the energy to raise his voice. He slowly shut his eye and slowly went back to sleep, this time peaceful enough to mutter three words ‘thank you God’. As the darkness seized him again he ventured into some place he had never been in his mind, a place of remorse … he was remorseful for the pain he had caused the family he had robbed at gunpoint, beaten the father and son to a pulp and molesting the mother, he was remorseful for many other things he had done which suddenly felt so real he wanted to dissociate himself from, but it was too late he was known as a thief, a deadly criminal and a rapist, what difference was his remorse going to make ?

Somewhere down the street a mother hastily cooks and stacks the food filled dishes in a food basket, eyes bloodstained from crying and throat sore from screaming, she hurriedly covers the basket with her best knitted quilt hoping to just keep it another minute warmer for her son in the hospital. As she walked down the street the whole world stared, amazed at what a mothers love could do… some verbal enough to express their disgust for a thieves mother.

She quickened her steps and let the voices pass over her, she had one single worry , whether her son will make another day, in jail or in hospital all she wanted was for him to be alive, so she walked and prayed.

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