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KREEF: Hello Miss Krystn Enem. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to interview you. How are you? Can I call you Krystn?

KRYSTN: The pleasure is mine. Thank you. And yes you can call me Krystn lol

KREEF: Lol ok and you’re very welcome. So who’s Krystn Enem? Most people think you’re Nigerian. Can you help clarify PLEASE????

KRYSTN: Hahaha i usually say I’m an African child moulded by diverse cultures. I don’t like to fix my existence to a particular country or place because I feel that we’re one as Africans. So yes, I’m both Cameroonian, Nigerian, Kenyan, South African… whichever one, I’ll fit in. I am proudly African.

KREEF: Lol awww ok. And we actually respect that. So your show, The Krystn Enem Show, what is It about? Concept and all.

KRYSTN: So basically, The Krsytn Enem Show was born first out of my desire to be on television, which is a dream I have had from as little as 5 years old. Well, when it was time to launch out, I wanted to do something unique. To cut the long story short, I had the inspiration to have a show that will give young Africans the opportunity to showcase their talents to the world. Now talent including skills, businesses and just anything worth emulating that gears towards betterment of society and improving the concept of youth development.

KREEF: Oh wow. I love it! And how long has The Krystn Enem Show been on air?