Basically, the term MILF as per google definitions says


mɪlf/ noun

  1. a sexually attractive older woman, typically one who has children.

    Fergie who has not released a new album for a while now pretty much gathered all the MILFs in Hollywood and shot a video oozing of sexy baby moma’s bathing themselves in milk.

    Clearly, these are MILF’s with money for someone else to do all the chores for them while they sleep in the gym to whip their bodies back into shape or worse still use plastic surgery of photoshop.

    While the video is drawing a lot of attention , the negative side of it is falling on Kim Kardashian for her waistline looking nothing like human  _ I agree!! after every pregnancy the waist increases an inch – while hers decreases by two inches! any conspiracists here with me?

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On the back of this plus, Kanye’s latest naked in bed song got a few feathers ruffled and someone had to remind Kanye about who really made Kim Famous, and who better than Paris Hilton… 😛  😛

It’s all good bottom line Fergie is BACK!!!!! as for Kim’s waistline please BEXIT!




OMG – This guy just took Kim Kardashian’s Ass to the dry cleaners hahahahahahah! is this even remotely legal –  he is so serious it hurts – Hope Kanye does not lay hands on him though because that is one dude who always has something to say



Ok as we all scream our voices out – jarred our teeth and pluck our eyebrows – two women who dated the same man can definitely be best friends – All is possible if these two are in the same picture – this must be a joke!!
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While the birth of the son of KIMYE is making waves I remain adamant to be coerced to even remotely think that these names are from so much love and artistry.

It’s plain branding and position from my perspective hence I am welcoming this beautiful little baby I will forever call Robert! May he be as cute as his uncle Robert Kardashian who we are all dying to lay eyes on and may he change the name to what suits him when he gets older! :roll:
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A domestic violence Campaigning group has caused a completely mouth shutting effect with makeup on different celebs depicting effects of domestic violence. The images shows celebs covered in cuts and bruises, and it is intended to raise awareness by suggesting even the rich and famous can fall victim to abuse.

The campaign was created by Alexsandro Palombo following International Day for Elimination of Violence on November 25, for the ‘No Woman is Immune from Domestic Violence project’.

Other celebs included are Angelina Jolie, Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, Madonna, and Gwyneth Paltrow have also been used alongside Watson, but sources say that KIM Kardashian and her sister did not give permission for their pictures to be used in this shock effect campaign. Though with good intent from the campaigners, two questions have come to play

  1. Why use only celebrity – Yes we know they are role models and better endorsers who drive awareness and traffic but why not include other people
  2. Why use only women? there are men who suffer domestic violence and children too.
  3. Not all domestic violence can be physically seen_ bare that in mind

As for the shock effect THANKS this worked really well. We were ready to drag Kanye’s ass to court this minute thinking he did a whop-a-nene with KIM!

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Happy Birthday Kimmy

Happy Birthday Kimmy

Kim Kardashian may have her flaws and all but all of us loves all her, love her perfect imperfection. This lady is an amazing mother and daughter and a wife to the legend Kanye West.

Today we celebrate her for all the positive things she has brought through the media into our lives especially the beautiful face of her daughter North West _ but we have never seen Kim glow this much , this pregnancy is on another level of stunning unlike North’s pregnancy , this one makes us prefer a pregnant glowing KIM K in a high slit dress – Sexy on another dimension!!

Happy Bday Mama.

And she has got the cutest crying face too _ aren’t we all babies at heart – don’t feel bad sweetheart you were destined to bathe in kerching’s enjoy your birthday


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That’s all we can say… Hang in there KIMYE you did it with the first pregnancy and in no time whipped your body back to shape so stop worrying and start enjoying every single pound  you put on

At least no one is gonna start tittle-tattling any rubbish about surrogate… Cos yes we can all see you carrying your bambino!!




291835D600000578-3098132-image-a-47_1432675461937KIM_K does a Marylin Monroe for Vogue magazine. Something about Mrs West’s dark Armenian genes make it less convincing that she is Blond..

Guess she is trying to have as much fun as blonds do… Nothing close to Marylin but she nailed it.