HOLLYWOOD, CA - AUGUST 17:  Reality TV stars (L-R) Khloe Kardasian,  Kylie Jenner, Kris Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, and Kendall Jenner arrive on the red carpet of the Kardashian Kollection Launch Party on August 17, 2011 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Imagine Blac Chyna and Kylie posing —- like this shit is for real! stating

“Kim had been working on this for a long time. She told Kylie that whatever Chyna had said about her was because she was hurt. Kim told Kylie to swallow her pride.”

“They spent the day together. It went well.”

seriously guys joke na joke Joké na name Yall decide what this is and stop making your fans creating enemies over your bank accounts with fraudulent scripted real life feuds _ nonsense!

after all Chyna’s mum outed you all already – Mscheeeewwwwwwwww




Kardashian-Dynasty-Book-CoverKris Jenner has been accused of trying to “cure” ex-husband Caitlyn Jenner of her transition “urges” while they were married and when he confided in her about his desires to transition into a woman.

In a new scandal-filled book penned by Canadian journalist Ian HalperinKardashian Dynasty – the momager, 60, is accused of pushing her husband into Christian therapy to “cure” then Bruce’s struggle with gender identification.

The only reason why she must have failed is that she misunderstood the true meaning of Christianity – how can you push your partner into a religion or practice that you cannot exemplify!! Christianity doesn’t cure gender issues – it simply tells you what God through the bible thinks about the issue and you can make a conscious decision about it.

We all can’t wait to grab a copy, though – the only minor dissuasion is the fact that nothing more can be written in the book we have not seen on KUWTK – or maybe not.  Where the book at google?


Present at The Victoria Secret show to watch their daughter recieve her first wings was mum Kris Jenner and  MAD (Mum and Dad) their dad who transitioned to a woman Bruce now Caitlyn Jenner.

Her famous sisters were a no show and sources say she asked them to stay away to keep the spotlight on her.
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Kendall who recently celebrated her 20th birtday has grown into a very beautiful angel , but are we surprised? _ the only person in the family whose career was born in her genes is KENDALL _ she screamed model and catwalk from the tender ages of 10, tall, beautiful, calm and very focus _ and here we are today , watching her sashaying down the Victoria secret catwalk like she was doing it years before the head bitches.

Walk it baby girl _ you rock!! Give to ceaser what is to ceasar , there were comments like
”If strutting down a catwalk half naked is what young girls aspire to these days, then I really feel sorry for them. Shame their parents didn’t teach them that getting an education is more important”

We wonder why some people are so insanely shallow , myopic and claustrauphobic with others successes and careers _ must everyone work in an office! Mscheeeeewwwww.

The girls are just too fine and doing what they are talented at doing and making a living _ we can only be thier fans or be our worse enemies_ Watch them strutt it below _ SEXYYYYYYYYY!




~They Met and fell madly in love and got married in 9 days~ A couple who could barely get their hands off each other, the onscreen chemistry was good enough to be PG15 until Lamar went and done it *that thing nah? he did it* and broke Khloe’s heart and they had to split _ Divorce pending!

They were so in love that Khloe use to bath in a variety of candies just so she can taste sweet for Lamar _ she gave him a sugar rush every time

 Then Khloe in her rebound rolled in the mud, babysitted her sisters kids, worked out really hard and before we could celebrate her banging amazing body she became a french’s chick! how is that? _ she started dating a guy called French Montana _ never heard of him too. They both just ignored Lamar in public places

Then just like Khloe said it above she came to self-realisation that men – all of them ‘SUCK’, so her status became complicated

Her reason -CHECK ABOVE-

And she stuck to her gutts and never let anyone talk trash about her or her family, we can attest from the verbal annihilation she gave MUVA  and carried on with her life until she got the call her EX-Husband Lamar Odom was found unconscious in a brothel after taking illicit illegal herbal Viagra and paid over $70.000 for a service (wondering exactly what he wanted for the price was it just s£x????, any men volunteers to go and check inbox me juicy details) was feared brain dead with a 50/50 survival chance.

The past three days Lammy as Khloe fondly calls him was in COMA while the world was at work weaving tales of goodwill and doom. Destiny prevailed and he awoke, giving God the glory for bringing him back – he actually squeezed Khloe’s hand and gave her a thumbs up saying ‘hi baby’. That’s the best Hi baby anyone will ever say ever and guess what ‘Hi back at you baby from Purfect Escape

Khloe just wants to be happy so sorry to all those who question her being at Lamar’s side holding his hand and whispering prayers for him to come back – SHE JUST WANTS TO LAUGH AND NOT CRY- DO WE BLAME HER?? THE Kardashians won’t stop teaching us all about family values.


The oldest or fairly put eldest of the Kardashian girls is going through a tough time after splitting from Scott Disick the father of her three children after his drinking and philandering ways couldn’t be cured by her very organised stoic persona.

We see her in tears in their last episode of KUWTK explaining her struggle to keep her family together yet Scott didn’t help matters by showing off a stick thin 20_somefink model as his new latest catch.

Kourtney Kardashian 36 poses nude and bares her derrière in artsy, solemn metallic  broken woman frame picture by  Brian Bowen Smith, ‘Love being a part of the @brianbowensmith #metalliclife series,’ she captioned the striking image on her Tweeter, it’s a pose that clearly reminds us of what she is currently going through.

It’s all in the eye of the beholder Kourt, hang in there and ignore Scott – afterall he DI_SICK! (in my Cameroon pidgin)



Talk about complete tweeter/ social media raucous driven by a cheek-in-tongue analogy for whose benefit we are still unsure…


Enough of the ranting, fact is Cosmopolitan just called the Kardashian/Jenner clan minus one *Caitlyn* America’s First family… Eerrrrmmm we the British are not invading but the last time we checked Obama and his cute family were number one… So what’s Cosmo playing at…

Social media has gone wild with tweets ranging from people asking for the statement to be rephrased or withdrawn and others insisting that if this is true then they’ll rather be French….

Well y’all can move to Britain until this is rectified, your accents are so Sexy so we can have y’all anyday anytime .

What’s your take… Drop a comment below.



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When you have a friend like Gigi who does the cleanest walk of shame for a week straight –  has a Sexy as hell  brother in law because she is dating a Jonas and as a given all the men in that family are beautiful… Why not hook your equally beautifully stunning friend up with that brother in-law…

She just did and we can confirm Kendall is dating Nick… Cuteness put together… This will cause us to worship at the alter of their social media updates just to feel a part of the stunnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiggggggg union…

Rihanna may have snatched Lewis Hamilton before anything got  serious but we think Nick is the right match for Kendall… They are adorb-sssssss!!!


Just incase you are wondering what MAD is – it is “Mum & Dad” abbreviated – that the Kardashians decided to call their father when he turned into a woman.

MAD !!

What a crazy world we live in – let’s hope it’s not an actual altercation as we await the premiere of I AM CAIT on E!