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According to the now-retired prison guard, O.J. opened up about rumours he had an affair with Kris and told him: “I would never do that to my friend Bob. I would never tap Kris.”

This guy called OJ is so ghetto, who uses words like ”tap”? that aside, he insists he will never betray his best friend like that by sleeping with his wife the now Kris Jenner soon to be Kris Cory(Wedding rumours abound for Kris and her toy boy Cori)

In essence, he is stating that he is not the father of Khloe Kardashian especially after MUVA used their tiff as an opportunity to remind Khloe that she wasn’t a Kardashian. That was really low and we are glad the man in question is clearing this up.


OJ-Simspon-Khloe-Kardashian-Main (1)


Talk about complete tweeter/ social media raucous driven by a cheek-in-tongue analogy for whose benefit we are still unsure…


Enough of the ranting, fact is Cosmopolitan just called the Kardashian/Jenner clan minus one *Caitlyn* America’s First family… Eerrrrmmm we the British are not invading but the last time we checked Obama and his cute family were number one… So what’s Cosmo playing at…

Social media has gone wild with tweets ranging from people asking for the statement to be rephrased or withdrawn and others insisting that if this is true then they’ll rather be French….

Well y’all can move to Britain until this is rectified, your accents are so Sexy so we can have y’all anyday anytime .

What’s your take… Drop a comment below.



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The transgender father of the Kardashian girls now Caitlyn¬†Jenner has announced amidst shocks that she is ready to date men and be treated like a real woman _ our reaction to that is she has completely lost her balls _ not literally , we mean really ūüėą¬† ūüė≥


She started with her face then her bobbies and then her balls went – because in the swimsuit picture her frontage was as flat as her back-tage¬†( :roll: ) and she looked like she was loving a flat frontage – so the lies she had been telling her family about just wanting to be herself yet keep her ‘below’ ¬†was a fat wad of flying bullocks _ imagine the conconbility – clearly he was never a happy married man !! like happy in the bedroom.

Yet he had ten children – spermicides go do wandas!! i look at his previous appearances on KUWTK when he is being romantic to his wife and i want to crack my 60-inch flat screen – MEPRISABLE!!! N’importe quoi je jure !! He has hurt us so badly – we as KUWTK family fans couldn’t stop defending allegations of his true sexuality… Now it’s out he can even date a cat… Who cares!!!

Caitlyn Jenner seen leaving Broadway show "An American In Paris" with transgender Candis Cayne, NYC caitlyn-jenner-simpsons


There is nothing like a white lie when it comes to plastic surgery. The question was have you plumped your lips Kylie? and for almost two years we have watched her rigmarole around the truth… Blaming it on many lipstick coating, liners and contouring ..

Her actions have pushed teenagers to self-harming just to get kylie-Esq big lips… Only to finally agree she had lip filler injections…

The shocking part is, this must have happened when she was underage so her mum must have signed a consent form… OK…really

LET’S watch as her Ass starts growing because with the Jenner kardashian clan… Anything is possible.


2584133B00000578-3071858-image-a-36_143099736928528501F2700000578-3071858-image-m-43_1430998231192Kris Jenner aka the Kardashian clan momager looks smoking hot on the red carpet at the Met gala 2015.

We gather from sources that she hasn’t taken the issue of her ex ¬†husband Bruce Jenner’s declaration of his gender transformation kindly… Some say she has cut communications others say she has been crying.

Well does this look like a person who has been nursing a heart ache? She has a toy boy the age of her third daughter and the finest clothes in life… Plus she manages the most popular sisters in showbiz, increase their accounts and other enhancements.

Any tears we’d wager are signs of joy for the revelation, ¬†to help the world understanding why she has always had a wandering eye… Fact is she was living with a woman… And she is not a lesbian..

This is the type of permutation which can make an African like me scream “I have suffered” ¬†Kris Jenner has suffered let’s all cut her some slack. We feel your pain and encourage your relationship with Cory. Go take all what Bruce deprived you of… Go mama.