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Adebayor shokiing all the way to the bank with his life and future in the hands of his maker _ it’s incredible that people find it annoying to see him happy, when his life was a total raucous and in shambles and he made negative press coverage,  most people were pretentiously ooohhiing and aaahhiing – why can’t people dance when he is dancing now?

Bad bele people – les jaloux vonts mourir les yeux ouverts comme les gros makiro!

SEA// We are shokiing with you all the way!!




When Jose Mourinho demoted the team medic miss Carneiro,  we all sped straight to the best ombudsman for  – sexism and chauvinism… Seriously after this interview by the daily mail with her ex we begin to wonder if a certain kind of background check is needed for women and men looking after footballers… She is portrayed as a sexual danger!!! Read on



Her ex said she was a terrible lover who made his life miserable, literally chewed and spat him out, he went on to add  ‘She is a fiery Latino, sex-mad, and prides herself on being popular among the players. Eva loved the attention.’

Ms Carneiro was publicly haraunged by Mourinho after she and her colleague Jon Fearn rushed onto the pitch to tend to Eden Hazard near the end of the 2-2 draw with Swansea on Saturday last week

He goes as far as stating they had sex every single day and she wasn’t satisfied –  how she rubbed his face into how many times she saw players naked to the point of shaging one player in his hotel room…

Eh… She said what?? Is that a football malpractice??  It should be because we can’t even believe she did that… (we are so jealous) hope it wasn’t any footballer on our list of crushes like it’s going down  😳  😈 

True true Mourinho may just be using some insight information for his decision… Or a sixth sense or experience… Women can we all chill on this one… Watch this space more. 

Her personal life and her career should never criss cross in my opinion… Except the bit about sleeping with players… The rest is inconsequential… So we keep a weather eye out. 


Asamoah Gyan one of Ghana’s top footballers reveals his mansion amidst rumors that his wealth is exceedingly surpassing his peers. Working presently in Dubai means he earns tax-free income and spends way more than any normal footballer of his statue would…

That doesn’t even come close to the furore of this said sister who won’t stop updating the world on her social media about how much she is ”chopping his money” like really? Who is she again? we want more scoop because it looks like she needs more tips on how to chop his money since he is unable to use it as much as we would like – well it’s not our money but we are just saying that this brother is loaded and this sister is marking her territory without validation! we await the real scores – pics don’t do much these days

Meanwhile, it’s not our money but we are just saying that this brother is loaded and this sister is marking her territory without validation! we await the real scores – pics don’t do much these days.

gyan-3 Gyan-Girlfriend-1 Gyan-Girlfriend-2 gyan-mansion


As the Cameroon women’s team wowed the pants off the world and left everyone speechless – Cameroonians are partying their way off  in stupefied shock at how good these women can be – amazing!!

Galaxy J One team welcomed them home with a proud and loud rendition of ‘SWELLEY’ their number one hit – which other song could have been more appropriate? – None- because these ladies entered them well!! Well done ladies we hail you all for such a high standard professional performance.


While Ivory Coast go home without a point and Nigeria floundered in the so-called group of death, Cameroon – making their World Cup debut – are the unexpected good news story. Ngachu Enow’s side trounced Ecuador 6-0, courtesy of a hat-trick from the striker Gaëlle Enganamouit, who plays in Sweden, only narrowly lost to the World Cup holders, Japan, and then beat Switzerland to face China on Saturday in the round of 16.

It is an enormous achievement, all the more astonishing considering the state of the nation’s domestic football scene. “Enow told me the Cameroon league at home hadn’t played regular football for a year and a half,” says Adeogun. “It’s stop-start. He’s hoping this World Cup and the exposure the team have had will encourage the federation to ensure the league at home runs properly. That’s the legacy he wants from this World Cup: sustainability.”

(Guardian Excerpt above tells of the state of home football)


Spotted again with his Ex-Fiancee after a tentative hiatus is suggesting to the world that they are getting back together, or they are really hooking up to fill in the blank spaces – when money meets a fine ass woman like Fanny Neguesha anything is possible.
Fanny-Neguesha (1)

Does this back look like something we should worry about ? actually it looks like the new sign for PDA, so we’ll adhere.

Balotelli knows how to win a match -I swear


Agape is the word for any mouth watching this mother and wife of top footballer Samuel Eto’o sunbathing in her birthday suit.

Are we blind or its not an actual naked beach… Well when you are use to airing laundry regardless of the state, you might as well air THIS

Woman if we were in a match of breasts the peaks will be rated at 10/10, now go home and cook something for the kids and papa Eto’o.

The match is on

The match is on