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FIAFA _Fashion International Annual Fashion Avenue (FIAFA) 2016

So many talented fashion designers came out to mark the event and show their amazing development and talent in an area that prowess isn’t easily attained & recognised without some sort of professional qualification and exposure.

The styles, the cuts , the designs the models and more importantly the organisers made it an event worth saving the headlines of every media outlets for – every single piece of the runway left us all gobsmacked with need – ASOS and High streets shops may be losing clientele after this fashion show .

Our first pics are those of the below designers !! Kudos people you all make us highly proud!



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Leading Ghanaian womenswear designer Christie Brown is seriously the best ladies wear designer I have come across from Africa in a long time – her style and designs , her idea the expression and finesse is overwhelming and something about her collection speaks to the soul – I want every piece of her Spring collection – AMAZING!! View and order her collection HERE 


Ella cover

DD – Hi ELLA  😆 We are thrilled to have you as the Inspirational face and diva on this edition of PURFECT^ESCAPE, you look flawless, I bet you woke up like that (eyeing her nappy hair and thinking how stunning)

ELLA  – Hello,  As you know, I have followed your blog Purfect Escape for a while and really admire your work, I’m absolutely thrilled to be on the cover of your E-Mag to Inspire people through my Kickstarter drive for THONBS (Soon to be ASOS of AFRICA).

DD – Just to figure you out in a second, on a desert island what three items will you absolutely need? 😛

ELLA – Bible, Lipbalm, and Water.

DD – The above is enough to tell us you are a woman of faith, with your looks intact and hydration to stay alive,  you are a fighter. Tell us a little about your motivation for starting THONBS, considering such heavy investment on the website and it’s underpinning technology you have managed to create a site which offers a shopping experience of convenience, affordability, reliability and style – ya nailed it woman 💡

ELLA – Well , the journey of a mile begins with a step. I started an online shop in Cameroon with potential to become the ASOS of Africa, with the right amount of investment and exposure. I have already sunk over £25,000 of my own capital into the business since May 2014 and in June 2015 it has already broke even and surpassed my expectations, the campaign is to seek extra funding and is an all or nothing campaign.



Milly final cover

Dear Purfect^Escapists, meet our  Diva-Ville Inspiration – She is a fashion encyclopedia, a wardrobe magician and an upscaling fashionista sista with a twist! spotted. Milly~Mira is the awesome blogger brains behind the famous Milly Styles Blog. This lady will inspire you to review your wardrobe, recycle your style and make your look as chic and unique as can be. Sass spunk and an all-rounded style of blogging, makes her  stand out at what she does.

Milly is on journey to build a one woman powerful fashion empire and guess what – this Tinkerbell will not leave us behind – we love and admire her work and can stare at her pictures all day !! A beauty – a creative mind and fashion powerhouse to look up to.

In her own words meet Milly Mira;

Hello  and welcome to my playroom. I am Milly  and  live on the east coast of the USA.  I love to play dress up and this blog is my playground. We all don’t have the money and time to look like we just stepped out of a fashion magazine and I hope through this blog to inspire the everyday woman or girl to look good on a budget in no time, dressing up should be fun and we should all take pleasure in looking good. To me, style is all about the fit, not the size nor prize tag.Size should not be a limiting factor in trying out something new or being fashionable ( I believe women with curves are sexier :) ) The outfit pictures are taken when I can squeeze in the time meaning they are easy to put together by anyone.

See more at: http://millystyles.blogspot.co.uk






Our Diva-Ville Inspiration this week is the beautiful Miss Carene Nforbison. A fashion model – A true fashionista – A Diva – Carene is pursuing her passion in modelling with the most enviable body on the planet making us wonder why she hasn’t replaced the one and only Heidi Klum! When you talk about ‘THE BODY’ – we introduce to you all Miss Carene Nforbison.

We are blessed to have such a passionate beautiful young lady as our inspiration – her philosophy about life is “Live, Laugh, Love” – simplistic but very hardcore and skin deep. Carene is an asset to the Afro-Modelling and international scene. Her looks, humility and passion combined with this ‘BODY’  can make any agent run to the bank for endless Kerchings!

Ms Nforbison, as you move into the world of your career passion know there are a thousand and one beautiful girls looking up to your success and being motivated by seeing you  break into the modelling scene – at PURFECT^ESCAPE we are humble you graced our cover – your beauty is flawless and your achievements are limitless – your career is no coincidence -you are a star -you rock girl -kudos !!

Keep delivering high-class standards we are here to sign!



Daub again

Meet one of the most inspiring fashion bloggers and high street icons of our times.

Dauby Ngembu who describes herself as in her twenty-somethings with a passion for fashion is our dream idol and fashion go to person.

We are inspired by this little lady with so much presence and beauty to be the significant representative of the AFRO^INSPIRATION community in the world of fashion. This little lady is a force to reckon with – she is the blogger brains behind the highly recommended fashion blog http://www.dympsanddimes.com – An all encompassing talent – with a standard and passion to match any high street chain of stores and model – visit her blog and have a feast on this inspiring Diva’s Mastercraft – same attributes which caught the eyes of the leading fashion retailers like PRIMARK and `ASOS to make her an insider and use some of her modelled shots for their international blogs and website.

Dauby we appreciate your hard work and drive – keep it coming and keep inspiring !!




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This Johnny and his connie – he looks so good we all want to forget he is actually Johnny we know.Oh that was a YEMI ALADE music video – it wasn’t real, but we just don’t trust that smirk on his face

He looks like he can make one look for him all over town…and he’ll be telling you this and that as he mixes his orkra and ogbono…

Thanks Johnny be but no thanks we are gud.

Johnny Africtude