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Ok guys let’s talk about SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DEMONS 😈  😈   ~ Wait now, say what?

That was my exact reaction to the news that when you consume whatever thing you two believe to have at the moment, that moment when without all the cares in the world you let go, body to body, soul to soul (even though some people are so drunk they insist on not remembering anything the next day). Fluids that on a normal day you may never know existed, sweat, body intense contact plus the kissing ~ just that short description of some of the things people are doing, gave me an eerie moment _ it is intense _ and by all standards add my grandma’s logic of oral sex _ then definitely demons must be filled in that place!! Holy water please! 💡




What makes it eerier is the fact that women are bearing a heavier part of the tilted scale, in that the more men you sleep with the more they deposit their ”soul ties” in you and you walk around with a piece of all of them ~ Really? So what do they walk around with from all the women they sleep with? This is so bizarre and unfair ~ does this apply even when they wear protection? 😥

Well count me out of this judgement, my take is it’s a two-way street, what you leave is what you take ~ spare women some malicious added unfounded worry please!

The topic of STD which some people clearly thought was sexually transmitted diseases are unfortunately the demons that we contract during sexual intercourse and like some STD’s HAVE NO CURE! _ so people before you take off your clothes and jump into bed, floor, couch or car or wherever you do these TINZ abeg! take a minute and read the good Dr Intimacy’s excerpt below… 

What I am trying to get you to understand is that those changes that take place in your life after you get into a sexual relationship with someone are not a coincidence! They are a direct result of sexually transmitted demons. Have you ever done or said something that you found very uncharacteristic for yourself and thought, “Where in the world did that come from?”This happens as a result of different demonic spirits that you pick up, usually through sex. The unfortunate thing about it is that most people are completely oblivious to the reality of spiritual STDs, and even once they do become aware of them; it is often too little, too late.

You may think that you can pick up a sexually transmitted demon and just go to the spiritual free clinic (church), and get a dose of spiritual antibiotics (prayer) and go on about your business, unaffected by what you’ve done. But this is not so. Just as there are some sexually transmitted diseases that there are no cure for, there are some sexually transmitted demons that will stay with you indefinitely. Some venereal diseases cause permanent damage to the body such as impotence, erectile dysfunction, uterine pain, cervical and prostate cancer and worst of all – sterility (not being able to produce offspring)! Sexually transmitted demons can have the same impact on your destiny and purpose in the spirit realm!!!

I really want you to think about this carefully. We often take sex so frivolously, regarding it as just a physical act. But I assure you that sex is much more spiritual than it is physical and even if you can use a condom to prevent the transmission of natural STDs, there is no condom to protect yourself from the transmission of spiritual STDs. Abstinence is the only way – preserving sex for the confines of Holy Matrimony.

If you want to know more about sexually transmitted demons, you need to pick up my book. It is entitled, “STDs: Sexually Transmitted Demons”. Find out how to buy it on this page: STDs: Sexually Transmitted Demons, 2013 Edition.