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The 19-year-old made global headlines when she became only the second model with the disability to walk at NYFW in history, she goes by name Madeline Stuart, and to be candid no one really cares what her name is because she has captured the hearts of viewers the world over.

Circled by the most elegant, most sleek and classy and the stereotypical model types – Madaline, though with her disability carries her heart on her face and her smile melts the hearts of viewers and readers alike. Rosanne told Daily Mail Australia: “‘I think it is time people realised that people with Down’s syndrome can be sexy and beautiful.

To Us beauty stopped being a defined set of looks, legs, body butt ass and more that the world has nailed with the female and male genders alike to the cross – its a new era where beauty is murdered by values, virtues and beliefs –  join the wagon or get left wallowing in your self-pity and negativity.

!! Everyone is absolutely a heart-catcher in one way or another !!