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Isn’t this Machine Gun playing with big boys toys… He looks like a baby compared to, well no one. He has tattoos check… He is lanky a good sign for sizeable manhood check… He is tall… So what do you think?

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Before- when he was still filthy rich


Now he is still filthy rich… Handsome with a smaller belly… Hence less fat.

After his surgery – to reduce his stomach so he can eat a lot lesser than he would normally.

Why are we trailing treadmills and weights..can someone just seal our bellies and give us less stress…

We are so jealous right now..




amber6Case close –  All rise –  court!!! … Amber Rose says there is no junk in her trunk… And she even did the test on live TV.

Didn’t Kim Kardashian have an actual scan that showed there was nothing in hers too… Fact is, if you inject fat into the body from your other body parts, then, for sure there is no foreign object in your body hence this farce purported here by these ladies.

Keep posing Alan Posers we know ur trunks by their names… We don’t need proof.


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Love or hate these celebrities all you want the fact is it takes guts and a heart half human half stone to do some of the things they do to look fabulous.

We abhor them for looking so fit and making fitness look like something you do while lining your lips or walking your dog… Yet we sweat buckets and all we get is a big pack and excessive love handles..

Now they are turning to vitamin Intravenous drips to look young ravishing and wrinkle free… It’s a lunch date for most of them… Get a drip bugger kind of vibe… To the point where there is a shortage in medical supplies because celebs like Simon Cowell and Rihanna swear by it and maybe carry drips in their purses… Don’t be shocked to see them take a break from work and insert a drip in hand – saves the celeb some mirror nightmares…

Who needs a doctor?


Remember the grandma on Facebook who ripped this song to pieces – i think she is the only massive excitement missing in this video.

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Karrueche Tran needs to make a video of her reaction to this – because sincerely we do not feel an ounce of pity for Chris Brown.

Meet the woman who broke in Chris Brown’s house… Cooked for him, changed into his clothes, wrote on his walls and all over his cars… She called herself his wife…In Chris’ own words

“She found time to cook [herself] several meals,” wrote the singer. “She wrote, ‘I love you’ on the walls. She threw out my daughters clothing as well as my dog’s stuff. Then had all these crazy voodoo things around my crib. Goes to show you how crazy people are crazy!”

Chris this is just a warning… Treat good women good and evil ones will never come close.