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Hawt Summer!!


When he walked through the smoky glass doors, the spinning floors of the 20th Avenue OBAR nightclub became a lot slower than I imagined… As I danced my way into the night the moment held a terrible stillness … The rotation of the pendular-like floor was sent into limbo, slow motion entrapped and encompassed every action… everything was so slow I could practically see the air rush in and out of his nostrils – virtually!

He walked like an astronaut on the moon, so slow, so slow that every wince, and wink was eminent from a distance, I am not sure what I did while I saw all these please do not ask me, maybe I stood there mouth ajar and drooling – I trust myself, I can make a real beef of myself like no other 😳  😳

I followed his bodywork to the counter as he leant in and ordered his drinks… I dared my nostrils not to let me down, but from that distance I could smell a strong cologne that left me sniffing in his direction to be sure it was he’s … embarrassed not to look towards his direction, my eyes screeched to a fast halt, I just starred at the group of people dancing by the bar like I knew them (Where???) – I did a circular motion of the room to make sure that no woman was heading his direction nor was he meeting someone there – reassuringly enough he was all alone, there was no sign of a date – but who was I kidding!!! HE was a MAHHHNNNN.

His presence … Disturbingly awakening… whatever this perfume was should be banned from human existence, its one of those scents that make you see one thing and one only – a naked man… I am not sure how perfume companies do it, but they are out to destroy women and vice versa.

I had to get to the counter , I had to get his attention so I  danced closer and asked a few friends what they wanted from the bar, sincerely I have never been that generous and intrigued a few of them found it ridiculous and laughed off my offer , I was making useless chit chat with my eye on the game, I beelined my way like Husain-bolting and spider-womaned myself through the crowds to the bar before his next move changed –  to get his attention and found a reason to approach the counter.

My dreams had suddenly left my head, mind and pillow and was sitting right in front of me in a night Club, Sweet dreams or beautiful nightmare but it was right here… So I decided on a louder voice and sexier accent to place an order – for the drinks and for his attention – ‘waiter, I need two shots’  with loads of ice to calm the fire in me right now was all the words running through my mind …

‘Waiter can I have the usual… Make it slightly stronger and dirty…dirty martini…’ I winked and from the corner of my eyes could tell that he was staring at me, I almost shouted ‘thank you Cupido’ (did I actually say dirty martini? what the hell is that and how does it taste?)- my spiritual being was pushing his spiritual being to take a dive in the pool of my presence with all his clothing on… I pushed and pushed him.. And bammmmmmmmmm!! He fell with a splish splash splosh…