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Before- when he was still filthy rich


Now he is still filthy rich… Handsome with a smaller belly… Hence less fat.

After his surgery – to reduce his stomach so he can eat a lot lesser than he would normally.

Why are we trailing treadmills and weights..can someone just seal our bellies and give us less stress…

We are so jealous right now..


After all the hard work and dedication to recover and rebuild his reputation and title Tiger Woods had gone and done it again… Remember IT… yes he has done IT again.


Why won’t Tiger Woods just leave cheating alone… Even cheating is exhausted by now and traumatized when it hears the name Tiger Woods.  Does a tigers dick become so active that there is no room for hibernation?  What can rehab do for him because this is going out of hand… He is behaving like the senior prefect of the male gender… Leading in the cheating….


Miss Von is over it... A tigers dick is very active

Miss Von is over it… A tigers dick is very active



Our controversial actress and singer is showing the world how much of a blast she is having on vacation with her new boo. It’s not the fish though, its a man who we all are dying to see his face and know his name. Is it possible Tonto?

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Imagine a place and time when robots will replace everything especially men?The world literally will be a dead-end. An overall réalisation that only women can carry babies, have supple breasts and still be superheroes, makes THE A-FORCE an over due screen piece.

For guys addicted to men’s magazine this will be the ultimate twofer… A group of pointy breasted and small waisted women who can save the world in the click of a finger…to us sounds like the synonym of wife.  In essence they are comics with a mangled touch of power in feminine gender –  what a show off.

In whatever way you want to look at this…. Women hulks… Spider women and superwoman will be comics little girls may just start looking up to, and wearing inspiring costumes at mufti days and Halloween.

Is it just us or we feel the wind of feminism is blowing recognition even into the British Parliament!!!

Go Nicola et al… Tous pour un.


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Carrie was a thorough British lass through and through. Born in Brixton and raised in south London for the major part of her childhood. She spent a great number of years between London city and oxford where her aunties lived with four of her cousins until she was 12 years old.

They were the only family she knew and every one else was pretty much by instruction from her parents to call them uncle or aunty. Her mummy showed Carrie aunties as it pleased her and depending on how her relationship with the aunties looked at a given time. Carrie would call someone aunty one day and the next her mother will be like

‘Seriously are you stupid, let me never hear you call her aunty again”

She made it a habit to whisper in her mum’s ear every time they had guests, just to confirm who was and who wasn’t aunty – and her mum seemed to prefer that instead, so she stuck to it for years.

It did not come as a surprise when her mum told her that she was supposed to go to college in Cameroon and will have to live with her aunty, who was a real aunty, this was a first cousin to her mum and nothing could make her mum change her mind- her mum had told her from a very tender age that college in Cameroon was a ‘no-option’ discussion, that was the only way she will learn how to live in the British society with good manners, knowing what was wrong from what was right, but more importantly understand her culture as a Cameroonian.

Her stay in Cameroon was very brief, nothing close to what her mother had planned but a situation had warranted her speedy removal from Cameroon and back to the UK where she had completed her GCSE’s A/levels and degree at the University of South Bank studying Human Resources. She graduated with a 1st class Honors and got a job as a human resource assistant, and she excelled.

Carrie had managed to carve a very neat life for herself in London and her mum shuttled back and forth UK and America, making her the sole owner of her 3 bedroom detached property somewhere in the outskirts of Surrey. She pretty much had everything she desired everything, and not wanting to have a relationship with any man was a wish she managed to fulfill by keeping herself busy. Carrie made sure to work full time, keeping her life occupied with other distractions that suited her and an imaginary boyfriend who lived in the USA with a promise to marry her, she bought herself a ring to back up that fact, and a few trips with her mum to visit family friends worked in her favor.


The cocoon she had built around herself was only as strong as her accidental meeting with Kwame. He was a couple of years older than her and worked three buildings down the street from her office and the Pret-a-Manger she normally bought her early morning sandwiches from. She met him pretty much thrice a week and the queues were so long in the morning that he made it a point to say a word or two to her , be it a joke or just putting her on the spot with his gallantry and flattery amongst which in a strange way calling her

‘My African sister’ kind of felt as an endearment instead of turn off.



In 2010 the tension was unbearable and the fight fell through- Tonight live we have the opportunity to satisfy the let down sensation from 2010. The Five years of waiting watching this beef rise and fall and wonder if his day will ever come- the honors is on us to make sure that we are watching and cheering as these two veterans prove their worth.

Lets Vote and see who wins. Are you for Floyd Mayweather Or Mani Pacquiao?
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If Mayweather wins , we suggests he takes 50-cents into the ring and finish that other thing we have never really understood !! and lastly Nelly for banging his Ex and being happy and proud!

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Train up a child in the way they should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

When a mother turns around in a rioting crowd attacking the police and sees her only son- her reaction has left the world speechless.

We have moved to communities where disciplining our children is frowned upon yet when the child turns rouge the police have one option Jail- or the latest trending option shoot them in cold blood. This mother is a living example of women who uphold the value of child discipline.

Watch and leave your comment.

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AVANT-GUARD LONDON are making me drool with their amazing range of African prints and designs – Coming Soon!!


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