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So this Video is exactly when this whole saga started !!

How could it be so hard for people to see that Iyanya was actually singing this song out of realism, not fantasy and Fredda acting as his love interests was actually his love interests – is that confusing , just don’t bother she has spoken up about it and the answer is ‘I like to keep my private life private’ but in a slip of the tongue she says I have known him for three years ! Eyah … in all those years all associated girlfriends una ashia oh!

Whatefa !! Mute button ON! Iyanya’s number Delete!



Hi guys, I am tired of the deluded confessions all over social media as if the priest opened confession box.

‘Kpekus = nyash’ just in case you are nowhere near my Nigerian roots !!

Any kind rickety looking groupie will come and throway ‘Kpekus’ association with Iyanya – if you all must know I am having a purrfect escape affair with him as I write – YES COS HE IS ON MY BLOG This is his picture…My Iyanya 😳


Does the above qualify my affaire with him?- Women –  leave these celebrity men alone, especially one like Iyanya with such a tempting body – leave him and his chest alone !!

After a barricade of attacks on social media about his new girlfriend and his persona – seen below …

yvonne-nelson2 yvonne-nelson5 yvonne4


Iyanya linked to Tonto -now Mrs Churchill and Yvonne Nelson clarified that he had nothing to do with both women but has said nothing about the attacks above – truth is what is there to say when he has more important things like his career to focus on .

If you make yourself a corn – fowls will eat you – Quote from my grandma!! Groupies be warned or this boy will Kukere your pork 😀



yvonne n





Love or hate these celebrities all you want the fact is it takes guts and a heart half human half stone to do some of the things they do to look fabulous.

We abhor them for looking so fit and making fitness look like something you do while lining your lips or walking your dog… Yet we sweat buckets and all we get is a big pack and excessive love handles..

Now they are turning to vitamin Intravenous drips to look young ravishing and wrinkle free… It’s a lunch date for most of them… Get a drip bugger kind of vibe… To the point where there is a shortage in medical supplies because celebs like Simon Cowell and Rihanna swear by it and maybe carry drips in their purses… Don’t be shocked to see them take a break from work and insert a drip in hand – saves the celeb some mirror nightmares…

Who needs a doctor?


10748179_539857126150201_1693515677_nExtremely adorable… Where are the dowdy haters  who had all sorts of issues with Blue Ivy… Ranging from

  • She was not light skin enough
  • She had very unkempt afro hair…
  • Does this baby look like she gives two ticks off a rats ass?

Her mum is the ever so fabulous Beyonce knowles. Jump in the Thames or buck the trend..!!


This look is bettttttteeeeeerrrrr… Full stop!

But lose the background please… It looks like my old secondary school dinning shed.



Really_ after using the tool for as long as, Terence Howard’s wife choses to blackmail him about the size of his dick??

Woman seriously – why wasn’t  that an issue when you met and married him and lived exorbitantly luxurious moments!!

These bxxxxxxx ain’t loyal…



Look who is looking slimshaddy!!

El Johnson is the son of the famous athlete and HIV carrier and campaigner Magic Johnson.

He is very gay very proud and very lavish… And the friend of Dorothy Wang… You know her right… Her dad’s face is on money….

Slim is the new Sexy for his orientation_ can’t wait to see the upgrade… We could die for his wardrobe.



This catwalk beauty with timeless age and grace has welcomed her 4th Child with her hedge fund hubby who happens to be her 3rd husband.



This woman owns an empire of fashion and designer everything, she is a media mogul she is a mother – does this sound like the women we’d love to emulate? my answers is hell yes- Fat chance we will marry three times but seriously a successful woman in this day and age is an asset.

Congratulation KIMORA – you remain an ultimate idol.