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Cameroonian artists need more support and appreciation because to be candid they are doing exceptionally well given many circumstances!! My opinion.





Eto’o – Top Cameroon celebrity and athlete (I am seriously not sure which adjective comes first) but I guess athlete because that’s what he is renown for, is seen here singing Yemi Alade’s Johnny while driving his kids  around.

‘Fils’ has suddenly won my heart – after the Natalie incident a few hearts were broken and women (some) definitely sided with a sister – but lately we can’t even help the charisma of this man anymore _ plus he is our own brother.

If only he heeds his daughter’s worry – in her tiny gorgeous voice she exclaimed  “Les Hommes” after johnny leaves someone and follows Cynthia in the song. We begin to wonder ‘si elle sait que son papa ce un homme ?’ :roll:

Eto’o you have a daughter and an adorable one at that – remain her role model for life !! You deserve it – you are such a hard worker !! Plus you can play mamiwata love with wifey 😳


Cupido oh oh oh- pour lui lamour c’est du gateau, pour lui l’amour y’a rien plus beau!!

People sorry to crush your hopes – as far as these two are concerned Cupido hasn’t shot any arrow so far – they met through mutual friends who happens to be Syndy’s PR manager and only apparently met twice – (I have seen them in more than two pictures though!!) 😉

personally we adore Syndy Emade and see a purrfect escape future with her and wish her all the best – and Clinton has heard all the rumours and his camp is silent – is there any more you all want to know …

Cameroon like join-marret!!!

syndy-emade-2-590x393 clinton-njie


Let’s join Cameroon Tribune to wish BEN DECCA a happy 30 years in music !!