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Cameroonian artists need more support and appreciation because to be candid they are doing exceptionally well given many circumstances!! My opinion.







DD – Well hello there Handsome

JOHN K – Hey Wassup Lady Dorothy Diamond

DD–  Tea or Coffee JK?

JOHN K– Depends on the day and Mood I like both

DD – Ah well, strikes me like you are a very easy going guy, not fussy, not plucky but will take what pleases you on a platter, let’s then taunt you about a few more shindigs eh? Tell us something about;

1. FAITH – Very powerful feeling… when used positively keeps us positive, I am a Christian, I go to church and believe that believing in something is very important and essential in life
2. MUSIC – Music is like a Living spirit and it is so strong that it can affect our mood, can make us laugh or cry, can change our opinion our people, can make us fall in and out of love and hold tender moments of nostalgia. I live and breathe music, I adore music.

3. CAREER – Career Way of learning and applying the things you learned in your daily life while growing and getting a Pay Cheque. There are many different ways to chase a dream and stay focus but music is one of those careers that regardless of the passion needs determination.

4. Marriage – Beautiful Bond between two people who love each other and want to express it with more than words, I’ll leave you guessing my status in the meantime (~wink ~wink~)
5. WOMEN – Women are Gifts to Men from God full stop Hahahahhahahahahhaha (cocky man you are eh, your laugh actually holds much promise) They are one of the most beautiful gifts given to Men and they say Women are like Wine, the older they get, the better they tastes Lol (actually laughing again)

6. AGE –  Age is only a state of Mind (DD – you scored one on me there high five!)
7. Childhood – I grew up in Douala Cameroon and left Cameroon when I was 17 to go to South Africa. I started working as a model for Boss Models in South Africa where I got many contracts with International clients such as Addidas, Woolworths, Markhams, Magazines, TV Commercials, Fashion shows etc and now I am based in Germany continuing with my modeling Career as well as Music.








PURFECT ESCAPE is pleased to unveil  THE FACE _ The winsome Ms ZINKY TANCHO

Combine a chemistry graduate and a beauty to behold and get the original catalyst to speed chemical reaction of a runway perfection.

Zinky has walked the carpets of the best and top fashion shows in Cameroon and her journey is just begun. With Beauty and brains combined Zinky has the likeability of  a professional model with longevity and expertise in the domain yet this beauty is still undiscovered.

Zinky is inspiration  enough to Cameroonians with a passion for fashion and modelling to keep the drive and chase their dreams. Kudos to Chrisalide photography I have never come across such outstanding work – your shots and models knocked the wind off our bellies, simply outstanding 😍😍😍😍😍

Book Zinky for a shoot/ event with the contact details below.

Website: www.chrisalidephotography.com
Facebook Page: Chrisalide Photography
Instagram: @chrisalide_photography

See more of Zinky in pictures   we are rooting for you Missy… Fly the Cameroon flag to limitless heights.



Quinsia Films will hold a public screening of the critically acclaimed film “REJECTED” on

Saturday, October 24, 2015

AMC Magic Johnson Theatres in Largo,

800 Shoppers way,

Largo MD 20770.


SYNOPSIS – KUM is diagnosed with cancer in the most powerful nation on earth. Undocumented with no social security and health insurance, he is rejected by the system and left to die. His struggle for survival takes him into a soul-searching process which stirs up extraordinary capabilities he never imagined. Will KUM defy the system or will the system break him?

The Trailer left us wanting more – i wonder what will happen after watching the whole movie , i can’t wait . Kuddos to the actors and producers this looks like something that will knock you off your seats front side centre and still leave you feeling REJECTED to undertanst the true meaning!!

Starring: John Dumelo, Kang Quintus, Sahndra Fon Dufe, Donald Imm


Ambe this your track is a positive week started _ we are making money in dollars and pounds, but we desperately need it to double, in short treble !!

Riches Ferrari and Bugatti na we portion …

C’est lavenir qui compte _ Merci frere CAMER237 😆  😀


We are missing out on the action in Camer seriously – is anyone crushing on two brothers – yep we are here at Purfect Escape – their record is pure bliss!!

Seriously these two brother – Una be am… I can’t think straight – how can two brothers together put such heart catching lyrics and vocals combined? my first take of the song was well what else can Camer237 bring – then it started playing and seriously

Je vous ya mo – les deux freres ci ….merde !!



We are so crushing the new vibe going on in Camer237 music industry right now with a new addition of P Rhymes- ERIGEH – boy!!

Alliyah alliyah wahala wahala your body na fire di cause commotion – do you all see why this hottie is called P Rhymes – this song won’t come out of my playlist for weeks seriously!!!

“If you sabi wind – come wind
you sabi dance make you come dance”

We are crushinnnnnnngggggggg!