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a lament for the dead, especially one forming part of a funeral rite.
synonyms:elegy, lament, funeral song/chant, burial hymn, requiem, dead march;




The movie “Rose On A Grave” premiers 21st November in Douala and 28th Limbe. BRE short for Blue Rain Entertainment  is pleased to announce that it will be a “Blue carpet event” in both towns, are you all ready for this amazing, intrigue-filled suspense tension enthraller?

‪#‎RoseOnAGrave‬ ‪#‎bluerain‬ ‪#‎bluecarpet‬filmA

The producer and brains behind the movie Syndy Emade had the below quote

“I am not perfect; but I strive for perfection. I do not believe success alone defines me as an individual; but I always work hard to earn my success. Please, join me in Douala and Limbe on the 21st and 28th November to see the results of #hardwork. 38 DAYS TO GO! Movie premier. #RoseOnAGrave #BlueRainEntertainment #BGCBabe”

Not to give away all the juicy details of this movie, watch trailer



ANU coverpage

1. What’s your name and what do you like being called (any pet names/endearments) ?

My name is Goretti Folefa proudly Mrs Etchu-Egbe 😳 Blushing. However, I prefer to go by Goretti –   

(Dorothy Diamond (aside) It does sound like Dorothy – I’m jealous it’s a lot modern than my name. :mrgreen: )

2. What kind of Kid were you and how has that translated into a grown-up?

Hahahaha, now there’s an interesting question… As a kid, I was a dreamer and spent a lot of my spare time fantasising. I spent half my days reading. Any piece of literature I could lay my hands on, I read. My brothers even had a nickname for me. “over the newspaper’ That’s because in primary 2, I became obsessed with reading and will often be found reading newspapers. I guess my brothers couldn’t understand it Hahahahahaha 😆

As a grown up, I am not a voracious reader anymore. I miss that. I try to read as much as I can but I have my hands full, so full at the moment. Family, film career, life. Hahahaha, funny how when I think of it, I realize now that I am an adult. An Adult! Oh God! When did this happen? :-(

3. Your drive and motivation is outstanding. How can we get a leaf from your book.

What drives me is my fear of leaving this world without using up all of my potential. I believe that I am blessed with so many different talents and really will like to exploit all of them before I am grey and tired. I know it’s been said before but if it keeps you up awake at night, then you have to do it. And I love my sleep! Hahahaha, so maybe I should say I am motivated by anything that keeps me up awake at night. Hahahahaha



Ambe this your track is a positive week started _ we are making money in dollars and pounds, but we desperately need it to double, in short treble !!

Riches Ferrari and Bugatti na we portion …

C’est lavenir qui compte _ Merci frere CAMER237 😆  😀


We are missing out on the action in Camer seriously – is anyone crushing on two brothers – yep we are here at Purfect Escape – their record is pure bliss!!

Seriously these two brother – Una be am… I can’t think straight – how can two brothers together put such heart catching lyrics and vocals combined? my first take of the song was well what else can Camer237 bring – then it started playing and seriously

Je vous ya mo – les deux freres ci ….merde !!



We are so crushing the new vibe going on in Camer237 music industry right now with a new addition of P Rhymes- ERIGEH – boy!!

Alliyah alliyah wahala wahala your body na fire di cause commotion – do you all see why this hottie is called P Rhymes – this song won’t come out of my playlist for weeks seriously!!!

“If you sabi wind – come wind
you sabi dance make you come dance”

We are crushinnnnnnngggggggg!