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Kardashian-Dynasty-Book-CoverKris Jenner has been accused of trying to “cure” ex-husband Caitlyn Jenner of her transition “urges” while they were married and when he confided in her about his desires to transition into a woman.

In a new scandal-filled book penned by Canadian journalist Ian HalperinKardashian Dynasty – the momager, 60, is accused of pushing her husband into Christian therapy to “cure” then Bruce’s struggle with gender identification.

The only reason why she must have failed is that she misunderstood the true meaning of Christianity – how can you push your partner into a religion or practice that you cannot exemplify!! Christianity doesn’t cure gender issues – it simply tells you what God through the bible thinks about the issue and you can make a conscious decision about it.

We all can’t wait to grab a copy, though – the only minor dissuasion is the fact that nothing more can be written in the book we have not seen on KUWTK – or maybe not.  Where the book at google?


Bruce Jenner who changed his gender from male to female and was baptised Mary Caitlyn Jenner is rumoured to no longer feel like a woman and wants to be called Bruce again!!

E don bad for nkolulu… Hang in there Caitlyn just change your dick and you will be complete… That’s what’s holding you back… If you do the 360 change it will help you feel good in your skin.

We are here to help you now… Since you have used your transition as a positive change in the LGBT community… Any negativity like the above will shatter many people…

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The transgender father of the Kardashian girls now Caitlyn Jenner has announced amidst shocks that she is ready to date men and be treated like a real woman _ our reaction to that is she has completely lost her balls _ not literally , we mean really 😈  😳


She started with her face then her bobbies and then her balls went – because in the swimsuit picture her frontage was as flat as her back-tage ( :roll: ) and she looked like she was loving a flat frontage – so the lies she had been telling her family about just wanting to be herself yet keep her ‘below’  was a fat wad of flying bullocks _ imagine the conconbility – clearly he was never a happy married man !! like happy in the bedroom.

Yet he had ten children – spermicides go do wandas!! i look at his previous appearances on KUWTK when he is being romantic to his wife and i want to crack my 60-inch flat screen – MEPRISABLE!!! N’importe quoi je jure !! He has hurt us so badly – we as KUWTK family fans couldn’t stop defending allegations of his true sexuality… Now it’s out he can even date a cat… Who cares!!!

Caitlyn Jenner seen leaving Broadway show "An American In Paris" with transgender Candis Cayne, NYC caitlyn-jenner-simpsons


A woman penned a letter to the transformed Caitlyn Jenner former Male Olympic gold medalist and father to the Kardashian’s  who is now a woman – justifying her thought with the comment and letter bellow_ read on…



Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner is a talented Olympic athlete with a serious mental disorder. She is endlessly praised in the media for embracing her illness, as if he’s a hero for spending millions of dollars to look like a woman.

But how does it make Bruce a hero? There are real women who struggle with the pressures of life every day. That’s why this Facebook letter to Jenner is the best I’ve seen. It explains to him EXACTLY what a female hero means:


Just incase you are wondering what MAD is – it is “Mum & Dad” abbreviated – that the Kardashians decided to call their father when he turned into a woman.

MAD !!

What a crazy world we live in – let’s hope it’s not an actual altercation as we await the premiere of I AM CAIT on E!


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Did Katie Hopkins go too far – she is not news when it comes to drawing attention to herself and leaves tongues wagging? See excerpt from Daily mail

However, some people did agree with Hopkins, writing: ‘I agree with you! Not just Caitlyn-but every women who ever stands there being photographed in a dress as if it was ALL there is’ and ‘ha ha so true. She’s already wrecking My head I’ve a pain in my face hearing about her nobody cares anymore.’

Caitlyn has been vocal about her excitement at finally getting to wear feminine clothing in public after years of hiding her true self. 

Clips from her forthcoming reality TV programme show her going through her wardrobe and showing off her clothing to step-daughter Kim Kardashian. 

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3154493/Caitlyn-Jenner-lashed-Katie-Hopkins-saying-women-dresses.html#ixzz3fWvg87bJ
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Trapped In

David knew it was time to make the move on the love of his life… He and Pat were dating for over 3 years since they left university and he knew, he knew deep down in his heart there was no way he could live without Pat in his life… They were like a tag team.. Studied together went to parties and vacations around the world… they shared a unique relationship – a bond that nothing could severe.

Sadly enough their relationship was one that could possibly have no future because of his parents and his family, even the tribe he comes from would insists he had to marry from his tribe with specifications of someone more cultured, someone more traditional and possible not someone foreign- by so saying his present relationship was like a defect, a predicament he had no idea how he was coming out of – but the bond, the love he felt for Pat , his sweetheart,  was unmeasurable – He would give anything in the world to prove to his family and his parents that Pat was the right person for him.. His life partner and nothings else… But he was unsure where exactly and how to begin..

As he gathered the files from his office desk he knew the weekend will be very long. They had a list of shopping to do, for their first apartment they just bought together in the heart of London… It was a beautiful semi detached house with an open garden and a wide terrace where they had planned to  put up a gazebo and soft garden benches, he dreamed of a life with no blues, a life where nothing could come between them and their dreams… Yes, they’d met each other in a foreign land but the passion and love they exuded was undeniable perfect the close to a romantic apotheosis.

Running through the traffic at St pancreas International station he stopped by and grabbed a bunch of flowers, all red blood stained roses.. He was overjoyed to be in the mood he was.. Pat had called earlier asking him what they were making for dinner to celebrate the Co-ownership of their home… They had just purchased a George foreman grill which had gone down in history as one the fastest grilling gadget ever so they had settled for grilled lamb steaks… He loved lamb and loved how Pat made it so tender and spicy like a true African Chef – he boasted about his origins too much that Pat made sure to beat any record , the only thing still hard to do was cooking Eru, but they sure will get there at the pace of learning.